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    Mar 12, 2012
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    Oh sweet! Other home birthers! Woohoo! I've had 3. I only have pictures of the first one though because I found that I prefer minimal people and noise. I treasure my pictures but have not done the same since. I have video too but haven't watched it. Lol. I had to do a lot of cropping to make the pics shareable too. Here's the link though! I'm thrilled to have it finished! http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?deskto...ature=share&feature=share&v=u_sG7O1_B60&gl=US
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    Dec 6, 2009
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    I did, it's 4 hours north and DH didn't see the humor in it :D and a free dog is never free if you think about it. DD of course think they are cute!!

    no bait dogs here, just part of our family but there are those out there.......
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    Apr 7, 2011
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    Oh, that's just sick! For dog fights. Sometimes I just hate the way some people have become...............
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    O shoot I just remembered the Neillsville swap is Saturday. wow that just hit me. I better decide if I am going. Is anyone going from here?

    There is news that Clintonville is still boomng.

    TO your yard looks very pretty now. Let's see that checkerboard chicken!! LOL

    Hope everybody gets better soon.
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    Apr 7, 2011
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    Mmmm, hmmmm............good luck with that head turning thing........... [​IMG]

    As for those eggs, hey Bf4, wanna split a dozen? Since our bators are so small? [​IMG] I'll pop for it.
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    Apr 7, 2011
    SE Wis
    Bigz! [​IMG]
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    Oh OH----another puppy? LOL! Just think--you each could have your own!

    Frenchie--if you really want to get some of those eggs I am sure I can figure out who s/he is and get some eggs for you and then bring them to the bash. I can see if there will still be some available by then...it's not too far off! Let me know!

    Guess what? DH ordered my new computer today! Yup, he found a great deal at Dell and got a better one than the one I had for $367 including shipping! My first laptop many years ago was $1200!!! I sure am glad they have come down significantly in price...we have a LOT less money coming in now than we did then! I am excited to get my new one...then I can reset everything up like I like it to be!

    Sorry about your unhatchables...but sometimes Mother Nature does know best...even though it is very hard....I took the turner out for my First Foolish Hatch batch...All the eggs seem OK..heavy like they are at this stage (how does that work anyhow?) I got them all back in without breaking any :) I am a bit worried about this one though because of the incubator not wanting to stay at 99! When I moved out the turner it was at 97 AGAIN! I am too scared to turn it up any more--I have already increased it by a half turn from the last incubation!

    CC--that pink bush is a double almond. I didnt know what it was for many years after we first moved here. Then I found out how to revitalize it and this is the 4th year of that...I have nearly all new branches on it now...it is looking really nice! I am working on our 75+ year old lilac bushes too...it is slower going it seems with them.

    There was something I was going to say to NJ too...but his post was first and I cant remember what I wanted to say...oh well...I need to get out and lock up...oh yeah, when I locked in the tortoises Tina had laid an egg in their house! Looks like I might have some Tommy/Tina babies in my next Foolish Hatch! [​IMG]Maybe I can go into the business of selling "House Chickens!"
    Sweet dreams! Terri O

    ETA: THe thing that NJ said about the egg facts...that is what we have o lour signs around town! Isnt that cool that our eggs are so healthy!? Everyone that has eggs llike this needs to start to promote them as such...maybe we can close down those NASTY egg factories! Well, except for the Cadbury one! LOL!
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    Oct 16, 2008
    Dan, those puppies at that size are perfect for Muskie bait..The small fish leave them alone, so if you catch one, it'll be a big one..

    I got my plow adjusted today and finished plowing the garden.. I must admit, the second go round looks much better than the first attempt did.. I think I will let it set for a week or two, then drag it, and then replow the whole thing again..

    I was amazed at how well the Farmal A handled that plow..never faltered.. and I had it set at maximum depth..

    Those Delaware chickens sure are not prolific egg layers.. only 3 eggs today.. I think I am going to have a butchering party after I have enough eggs collected for the bator..

    the 7 barred rocks eat more than the 10 Delawares do.. however, the BR's are laying twice as many eggs.. the Del eggs are larger, though..

  9. Celtic Chick

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    Apr 7, 2011
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    You are an evil, sassy old man............... [​IMG]
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    Hi ALL!

    Welcome to the newbies!

    Jim... Yep, got one of those separator things...almost as easy to use the shells. Yep, know about the cracking them into a separate dish too. And no matter how clean I think they are... I wash the equipment before I start... just to make sure. I've been making scratch angle food cakes since I was 10... guess that's well enough over 40 years [​IMG]I almost got it down pat! [​IMG] LOL
    Thanks for the thought on the price... It was a friend of the guy that was selling the guineas... I sold the little beat up guy for $15 if he was in better shape I would have asked more but he's going to need allot of good feed ('cause the others kept him away) to bulk up enough to do his job! The guy was getting him for his grandson for 4H so he should get spoiled rotten from now on! Tried to talk him into more roos but no go.

    MLH.... I was thinking of powdered whites for the angle food cakes. They sell powdered whites where DH works and I have used them before I had chickens.

    TO... looks like you got more blooming than me! pretty.

    mazjoe... cool about the eggs.... I should make a copy!

    mxm.... Tell you're DD she have her birthday when she feels better... that's what I did when my were sick on a "special" day.

    CC... NO! I am not taking in animals! LOL I don't have the stamina for it anymore! However I think I passed that place today.

    No eggs with blue streaks yet. [​IMG]
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