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  1. IamSamSam

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    HEHE thanks and Sam is good.... I have 2 golden sexlinks 2 isa browns and 2 17week black layer austrolorps ( that I hope one isant a roo) ! and a dog called Sam who is herd master. ;)

    Thanks for the welcome !
  2. Terri O

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    Welcome Sam---I am thinking that if the one Aussie you are speaking of is on the right in your avatar...you may just have a roo! LOL--they are great anyhow! WHat kind of dog? Terri O
  3. GhostRider65

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    Mar 6, 2011
    NE Wisconsin

    OMG that's a lot of eggs guess you will not need any extra's.....LOL so will you be selling any extra Dels? I could use a few more pullets for next year, that's why I'm setting some, but I only have 2 pullets, and I really don't want to change out my Lovely rooster next year because I hatched a bunch of his chicks this year, getting some unrelated girls would be a plus for me........
    Also forgot to ask what you are feeding your layers, I was not getting half the eggs I get now when they were on just sprout layer feed, when I bought a good mash from Marion Mill they started laying great. Kim
  4. jvls1942

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    Oct 16, 2008
    Kim, I am planning on selling a lot of chickens this year.. Dels and Barred Rocks.. and later on, some Thai fowl..

    I would trade chick for chick with you.. I assume you are in the Marion area ?

    I will know if I have any chicks by the 6th of April..
  5. Cindlady

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    Dec 12, 2010
    S.E. WI
    Hi All!

    I've been very busy and I'm very tired. I did read everything, but CRS! Min. responces... OK, maybe none... too tired... Night All!
  6. Dooner

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    Apr 24, 2011
    No sign of my australorp this morning. Ay ideas of where or what to look for. I would guess signs of a struggle? Any way to attract her back? I only got her a week ago.
  7. Hens and Roos

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    Dec 6, 2009
    Cottage Grove, WI

    Sorry to hear this, have you look in any trees or scrubs close by the house to see if she is hiding? The noise from your other chickens might be enough to call her back and if she can get to water near the others that might help.
  8. Bigfamily4me

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    Dec 27, 2011
    Sauk City WI
    I'm not saying I'm for sure doing it.... But.... NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS.
    Anybody have them? Anybody have an opinion on them? Anybody ever drank goats milk? How does it compare taste wise to cow milk?

    I'm determined to take picures today. I know, you guys might be getting sick of seeing fuzzy butts (is that even possible?!). But I never posted pics of my Lavender Orpington babies, or of my Wheatens.

    I am egg-specting another shipment of eggs Monday. (zip it CC!) They were supposed to be set for April Fools Day, but won't be, so I guess the jokes on me! I am getting some very cool sounding project Orpington eggs. The possibilities are Lavenders, blacks, and Porceleins. Porceleins have a mottling gene and give patterning to the feather. They're coming from ChooksChick out of KS. Turns out she was born a Cheesehead and still has family here. Boy, I love Sconnie folks!

    Terri O.... I'm crossing my fingers you get some Australorp chicks this weekend. I don't have enough chickens yet...:D

    Frenchie... I can't wait for your surprise! ;)

    CC... Stop. Posting. CL ads. I have no self control. Then I go look at animals posted by the animal pusher, and then I start seeing how I DO have all this space... So STOP already! :p
  9. otonoh

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    Nov 28, 2010
    Good Morning everyone

    I need some good advice. As you know I am planning on getting 5 silver laced wyandotte chicks tomorrow but I have been reading
    up on the space each chicken needs and it is 4 square feet. my Coop is 4x8 so about 32 square feet minus the poo trays which take off about 4 square feet. If the 4ft per bird is correct, then I am maxed out with my 7 chickens. Does this sound right. In the summer, spring and fall I am not worried as they have a huge run, but in the winter, I open their little door to the run unless it is below 0 but on those days it would be pretty packed with 5 more birds. What are your thoughts? Should I get more, or for their sake, just be happy with what I have.

  10. unkadan

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    good morning folks,

    David, chicken math would dictate that roosters don't count,,,,are you placing that much faith in the feather sexing? [​IMG]

    not here long enough to give real advice,,,but,,,,by late fall you could very well be in a position to cull a couple birds

    OK,,that said

    attending a farm conference done by the UWEX/USDA today, I blew off the session on backyard flocks (heck I have this great message board and all you folks to learn from) decided on the "berry" session since my next years project involves a 1/2 acre of blueberry planting. Also a session on "regs and liscensing", and final session on high tunnels done by a fellow I have talked with a couple of hours already,,,,should be interesting

    tomorrow sunny and warmer again, finish the growout cage in between watching the bator for activity,,lol

    have a great day,,,,bbl

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