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    Dec 27, 2011
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    As a novice myself, I should probably not interject... But... I think 4 is a bit much. I did read that too. I did A LOT of research. What... 4 books, and Internet searches galore. The more common thought is 2-3 square feet per bird. Now I think 2 square feet is a bit tight and might be inviting some behavioral issues. But I think 3 square feet is a great compromise. Just my opinion.
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    Good Morning All! otonoh you need a bigger coop! [​IMG] Congrats on all the hatchin! Hope everyone has a good rate. New husqvarna sittin in the shed CC. [​IMG] Not feeling very olympic today coach, there was dancing in the kitchen last night. Think it's gonna be a mellow day. Need to pm FT today.... maybe.
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    Nov 28, 2010
    Thanks for the replies, I may have to rehome a few roosters because I am sure my feather sexing skills are novice at best. I am going to be honest and tell you, the girls are pets and once they stop producing, they will live out there days in Rib Mountain, So I really do want what is best for them and not necessarily what I want.


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    Thought I'd share my thoughts ;). We have 1 pen in our coop that is about roughly 50 square feet- it's the biggest of the 3 pens. We have currently 14 full grown hens in there but have had up to 18 hens with no problems. Make sure that they have lots of roosts as that artificially will help raise your square footage :D. Also you always have to think about replacements.... Hope this helps......
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    Apr 24, 2011
    Found her, drowned in hot tub. So sad, she was beautiful.

    Anyone have a young ready to lay orpington or australorp.
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    I have a Chanticler, a leghorn, or a mixed breed hen I got from TO I could give if you wanted one. All laying well

    I have an update from KristiP.
    Jaerhan cross came out...looks similar to first one... Salt and pepper with feathered feet

    Although first one is more. .. Grey and yellowish. Still drying and jaerhan mix is noisy so moved them to brooder

    And one of your maran eggs is lightly pipped. Mine have no pips. Wondering if half incubator is warmer... Really would like some eggs to hatch!!!

    I know we just hit day twenty and have time...fingers crossed. Anyway... Two bantam cuties in brooder getting warm and dry.
    we still have just the two bantams out. the maran cross that started pipping at 3 is just a little further than it was before. I just put a wipe of water on teh crack to keep it moist. Humidity is still high so should be ok. And one of the andalusians is pipping
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    [​IMG] What you did it in the kitchen ???? More info then we needed to hear Dr Ha !!!! [​IMG] Congrats on the new Mower !!! [​IMG]
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    sorry for your loss dooner
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    Hey Bf4m,

    So you are thinking about getting the goats for milking ? To be totally honest I don't have any idea which goats are best for that. All I have are worthless wethers (neutered males)

    I've never tasted goat milk so I can't comment on that either sorry.

    Did you check out our sister site on here. Can't think of the name off hand. Weren't you getting them this weekend? Are you getting babies or adults already milking?

    You do know that they are like cows and you have to have them bred in order to get the milk right !!! So that means you will have goat math down pat soon too !!!

    Yes please please please send pictures of those precious chicks.
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    Oct 16, 2008
    David, I saw your coop.. you can handle the extra chickens.. that square footage formula is for caged birds.. You have floor space and roosts ,, If you can have enough roost space , you are good to go..

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