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    Morning all! I am trying to get the chill out of my bones! Our mushroom workshop was outside this morning! BBBRRRRR! I am glad I wor my winter coat...but had I known it was going to be outside I would have worn my coveralls with a had and gloves too! We got to take home two inoculated bunches of substrate...one will grow oyster mushrooms and one will grow winecaps...hopefully...
    Got the seed potatoes too...me and Amy will be growing many new types this year!

    So before I went to bed I checked the incubator and I heard peeping! this morning before I left there was one out (a chipmunk--didnt take it out so I dont now what egg it was) and other sipped and two pipping...I am going to go up now and see what else has transpired. It is strange that they have hatched early (tomorrow afternoon starts day 21) because my temps ran low this whole hatch...maybe they will all be pullets hey? Low temp=females right Jim? [​IMG]

    Terri O
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    Dec 27, 2011
    Sauk City WI
    Oh yeah.... Get Jim going again Terri! Aauussttrraalloorrppss!!! Come on babies! Congrats on the babies WCC, Kristi, and Terri
  3. Terri O

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    Well, the chipmunk egg has no marking [​IMG] As I was watching another one popped out! This one is black...but I dont have the egg yet. I thought I had arranged them in there so I would remember what was what....yeah, we all know how that one turns out...Terri O
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    Jan 20, 2007
    Afternoon All.... I had a nice talk with whippet on the phone. His Dels are laying machines and he is totally happy with them. He is making finger plates for the whizbang pluckers if anyone needs one of those parts, he can prolly save you some money. He is also a source for Dels.

    Sorry about the bad attitude teacher Ken.... She is in the wrong for sure. just sayin.

    Nice pics everyone, thanks for sharing.

    Been collecting eggs for Sunday's foolish hatch. I wish everyone luck that's setting eggs! I'll wave my palm leaf over the bator for a good luck start for all!

    No winner at your house bl4, I'm guessin ! I'm up $2 for not playing. Just think of all the wine you coulda bought.

    To bad about the pullet dooner. Should be able to find another one. It's that time of year when everyone has peeps.

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    Aug 25, 2010
    Rural Brooklyn, WI
    I have a chick rearing question maybe TO can help with...
    I have a viable serama egg, 1 of 3 currently under Kristi's broodie silkie hen. Should I let her hen raise the we little one, or should I take it and raise it with some of the chicks that are hatching now? These eggs are due in a week.
    THis is the only serama egg that has proven viable of the three or so that were either in the incubator or under the broodie...
    Thanks tons.
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    Mar 30, 2009
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    Big fam, goat milk is wonderful IF it is handled properly, and the goat making it makes good tasting milk!

    A link to the different breeds of dairy goats.....

    You will develop strong hands for sure if you decide to milk your goats, it is a slightly different procedure than milking a cow. There are a few things to know goats and their milk. I have heard that keeping a Billy around the does will give the milk an off flavor, some say this is true and other not. I have also heard that it just depends on the goat, some make great drinking milk and others make milk more suitable for crafts (like soap). The protein structure of goat milk is fragile and so it must be cooled as quickly as possible after milking (an off taste can occur), this also makes the milk easily digestable. Goat milk is also naturally homoginized, so if you want the cream you need a separator. I have had very good tasting goat milk and very BAD tasting goat milk.... the more 'goaty' flavor the worse it tastes..... ;)

    I know there are others on here who must know more about this than I do. I have just done research since I would like to have my own dairy goats if we ever move out of town.

    Dooner I am so sorry about your Aussie. My kids love those chickens. How on earth did she get into the hot tub?

    With all the chicken enablers on here, I would build my coop as LARGE as possible...... CC will be dropping chickens off weekly.

    BigZ, the Mega tickets are $1, not $2. To me, it was just a lot of fun dreaming. I could think of worse ways to spend money, like on cigs. It made for a very nice day at work to have everyone in such an upbeat mood! From what I could tell from the tickets posted at work, we made $10. There are 35 more tickets to look at so right now we all made about 22 cents. LOL!
  7. babylady4

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    Mar 30, 2009
    Central WI
  8. unkadan

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    "Dooner I am so sorry about your Aussie. My kids love those chickens. How on earth did she get into the hot tub?"

    earlier I was rolling this around in my head (not much in there),,,came up with a few possibilities

    1. maybe a duck dared her

    2. coulda been drinking some wine at TO's,, and then of course the "hot tub" idea popped up,,,(often to be followed with the 2 minute drill)

    3. perhaps the thought of "the sky is falling" just proved to be too much for the poor thing

    4. a guy in a kilt skeered her!!!

    oops,,,long day perhaps a nap is in order
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    Jan 10, 2010
    UP North WI
    Interesting read BL4 !! I'd love to have milke goats to but I think that would require me to get dressed before noon !!!! Unless of course they wouldn't mind being milked at midnight !!!
    I guess I'll stick to my pet boys. I like to keep dinner on the table for my hay supplier. Gosh they waste a lot of hay !!!

    Bigfam4m I got my first horse from a guy in Hillsboro (or around that area) and he raised show goats. Very expensive. He milked them and raised the babies in the house. I think he has now gotten out of it but he could shed some light on it for your as well. Don't know how far he would be from you.

    BL4 Well now you all just need to chip in $.50 for gas to go collect the winnings and your are only minus $.28. I agree Cheap Entertainment. You may be on to something. Buy tickets every day to keep the good spirits up at work. Oh wait then you'd have another addiction. Never mind !!!
    Maybe the jackpot will be huge the bash weekend and we can all go in. Share our dreams sitting around the campfire !!!
    My dream ended last night when I realized it was to late to buy a ticket. I had just read a fortune cookie too that has something to do with $$$$$$ I was going to play those numbers.

    Ahhh, back to reality.
  10. Celtic Chick

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    Apr 7, 2011
    SE Wis
    [​IMG] Carol too! She's the REAL chicken enabler!

    Bf4, you can ask Terri about goats too. She's the Goat Lady, after all. [​IMG]

    Terri, Bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! There is no way I would have stood outside for any length of time this morning. I think you & Tommy are going to have to start happy hour a little earlier this evening to get that chill out.

    Carol, it is up to you on the chick question. You could let the broody take care of the chick, or you could put it in with your others. I think if you only had 1 & it was really small compared to all the other chicks, you might want to let mom take care of it. I don't think a single chick would be lonely if it had it's momma. But if you had a few chicks that were closer in size to the single one, it might be ok. When my broody hatched her chicks (staggered over 5 days), 4 of them were quite a bit larger than the other 3. But since the size difference was pretty even (4 large, 3 small), it seemed to help keep any one from getting trampled or picked on. [​IMG] HTH!

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