Wisconsin "Cheeseheads"

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    Mar 6, 2011
    NE Wisconsin
    I'm quite surprised by this..............I have 2 Delaware Hens, came from Cackle last spring in May, they started laying in Sept and have laid me an egg each almost everyday, maybe they take a day off once a week, they are also very proficient foragers, and are the last of my chickens to roost at night, and the first out come day break. they laid even through the winter, Where did yours come from? Maybe we can trade BR for Dels, because my 1 BR hen is lazy and lays maybe 3 eggs a week.........I will be setting some eggs from my girls soon sometime in April, so if you want to try to replace the non layers, I may have some extra chicks come late April or early May. let me know here is what they look like including my rooster.
    This is a young Hansom, he was 6 months old on this picture he is much nicer now and very friendly nice rooster, my favorite of my 4....... the girls aren't perfect they could use a bit more size, but hansom is good soized boy and still growing, will be a year in late May. If you interested you are welcome to come see them or I can get some updated pictures, Maybe tomorrow.
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    GR65---thank you I learned something new looking at your pics....! I was nt aware that the Des had barred feathers in their tails. I went and tok a look at "Feathersite" to be sure that your roo wasnt a "Delbar" Nope, they are supposed to have striped tails and hackles! Neat...I think I now have a better idea of the origin of some of the mixes I have running around! Terri O
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    Hey Terri, if you need more black & white barred roos, I have a few extras. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Evening All!
    Wow almost 10 pages to catch up on and I can't remember I word I read! Had one of those nights last night where all was well in dream land then BOOOM!!!!! Went the thunder and sleep became impossible as almost every dog in the household ran for cover....Unfortunately, I was in those covers all asleep like. Spent the rest of the night smashed between 5 small dogs and 1 Big Bear dog who can't physically get in the bed so he hung on the edge. I'm beat!

    David-DH says Thanks for the kind words, he also says coming from a teacher that means a lot, and he is glad you liked the seminar. Enjoy the new fuzz butts when you get them!!

    FT-forget the 300 gallon stock tank pond idea.....turn it into a brooder! Mawhahahahaahah!!![​IMG]

    TO-Congrats on the 3000 posts!

    Welcome to Sam

    Ok my brain just forgot the rest....I have to get up early tomorrow so I can get chores done before...yup you guessed it! DH and I leave for another seminar. This one is easy though since it's more of a "Chick Day" event and not a formal sit down seminar. This one is in Ill. I've only been to Ill a few times. It's nice to see some place I've never been to.
    Well, I'm going to read a little more of the Hunger Games and then go to bed..
    Night all!
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    Eli is SO cute Terri. I think he knows it too! Sorry about the quail :(
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    Bunch of Jabberjaws!!!

    Beautiful coops!

    Ken, if those were your eggs then I would think the chicks belong to you too. Frankly I think I would have asked them to prove their accusations before returning anything to them. It almost makes you look guilty doing what you did...... JMHO

    LOVED the homebirth pics! I bet I know who you had for a Midwife as well..... I had the first three at home, unfortunately had #4 in Hospital due to labor not progressing.... THAT was the WORST experience of my life! I had purchased the same pool to labor in as well, and then did not get to use it at all. :(

    Feeling a bit better today, I tried not to do too much at work and thankfully it was on the slow side. I am hitting my inhaler as well, just to make sure all the gunk is moving out. Last thing I need right now is a bout with bronchitis!

    CC, the alcoholic fruit is really easy. Fill quart jar with fruit. Add 1/2 c sugar. Add booze. Cap tightly. After a day or so, tilt a few times to dissolve sugar. Let sit for 6 weeks or more.

    I need to make Brandied Cherries next year, I had a big jug of vodka from Sam's to use up so Vodka cherries it is. I know that it is also called cherry bounce, you can look it up online and find multiple varieties of recipes for it, just switch out the fruit.

    My oldest DD and I were online last night looking at dresses for Prom...... when did the style of dress for Prom become streetwalker attire???? We were looking at dresses fit for a night in Vegas and for ladies over the age of 20! Thigh high leg slits, necklines plunging to the bellybutton, big cutouts of fabric showing off lots of skin, plunging backs, flaunting the 'girls', hemlines up to the buttcheeks...... it was quite difficult to find something that is appropriate for a young lady to wear and have it be TASTEFUL. We did manage to find an absolutely darling dress that covers everything AND has a skirt to the knees..... probably the reason for the low price too, but I am not going to allow my daughter to walk around like she is advertising.

    I have my hands in many pots for the Mega Millions...... I think our pool at work is 44 people, all chipping in $5 each. If we actually win there will be about 6 people left to run the joint...... it made for a very lighthearted and pleasant day at work. Everyone dreaming what they would do with the money.

    Oh I forgot; [​IMG] newbies!
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    Aug 25, 2010
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    Kristi msg'd me on FB then called, they heard a faint peeping and POOF apparently one of the mixed breed EE type (no muff) small blue egg layer eggs is ZIPPING!!! beak sticking out half in crack in the egg!!
    SO cool!
  8. WIChookchick

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    Aug 25, 2010
    Rural Brooklyn, WI
    9 minutes ago, the wee baby decided it wanted OUT.. from pip to OUT that quick!
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    Dec 6, 2009
    Cottage Grove, WI
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    I agree, but the whole situation was based on donated eggs I had discovered for the program. The eggs were donated to the school, not to me. The school bought the incubator. I was told, "I was a volunteer resource that over stepped my bounds, although in good faith while attempting to do the right thing." I was then told by my boss to have the peeps back asap. Lots of running around later the peeps were back in the class. So I am guilty of good misunderstood intentions.

    I am glad I am not her enemy if this is how she treats her friends.


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