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Free Ranging
Oct 16, 2008
What you described sounds like $800.oo to me,
but people often cannot see the value of a completed coop.
I have a large dog house, insulated and all that.
I had some people look at it. I was asking $200,oo for it. He said that he couldn't see it being worth that much. I told him to go build one like it.. I still have it..
I have my garlic cloves all separated. ended up with 54 nice big cloves. I got a bag of cow compost. Next Monday I will make a bed and get them planted.
The name of the garlic is
Persian Star.
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Free Ranging
Oct 16, 2008
I have sold things at way below cost, just to get rid of them..
I cancelled my PT yesterday. Went to the walk in clinic instead. today I went back to the walk in, and tomorrow I will be going there again.
I developed an abcess on my upper leg.
had it drained and am on antibiotics .. The return trips are for changing the dressing.
I decided to build a small raised bed for the garlic. Nothing fancy, just a simple box.
still looking for tachometer part for Ollie.

Hens and Roos

Dec 6, 2009
Cottage Grove, WI
:frow been a very long while since I checked in here. We are doing well and keeping busy. DD(20) and DS(18) are both attending UW Platteville, DD is now a junior and DS started his freshman year. DS(15) is at home full time since school is on-line this fall. DS(15) just got his learners permit so we are helping him learn to drive. He is excited to be driving. This spring and summer he had to take it easy as he ended up having knee surgery to repair a medial meniscus tear that happened during wrestling season. Thankfully everything healed up well and he's 100% again!

I ended up having eye surgery in August to repair a detached retina and unfortunately had to have the surgery repeated in October as it didn't hold. With the 2nd surgery they added a buckle and put an oil bubble in instead of just a gas bubble. At some point the oil bubble will have to be removed. I can drive again but have to be extra careful as far as lifting and bending around. DH and DS(15) help me with chores every day for which I'm thankful for.

Still have our small herd of goats and enjoying them. Have 5 younger doelings that we are still trying to find homes for as we can only keep so many. Made cheese curds with most of the milk we got this season and the batches never lasted long! We cut back what on our other animals. We have only 2 rabbits and 9 chickens but added 5 runner ducks this spring. We are thinking of adding about 5 Ancona ducks this next spring. Our garden didn't do well this summer, we had a few deer that helped themselves to the plants so we didn't get much of anything :(.

Stay safe and well!


Mother Goose
Mar 30, 2009
Central WI
H&R; are your available does straight breed or cross? Do you have pictures?

I have Ancona ducks and love them.

FFF a few days late. Made homemade beer batter for the ‘proper’ fish n’ chips. The tartar sauce I made was amazing..... I am sold on adding capers to the stuff.... 3/4 of the kids came to visit this weekend, so I had to remember how to prepare meals for the army again!


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