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Mar 16, 2020
Spooner, WI/ Prior Lake, MN
Hi all - Kim from N. WI (Spooner) here :) Wow - was not expecting this cold weather this early in the season! We'll make the permanent move from the Twin Cities early next year but it has sure been nice to be here all season to watch the orchard, the big gardens and our bees do their thing. Very light apple season this year but TONS of tomatoes and squash. Will wrap the beehives in a few weeks - closer to Thanksgiving. Just put the finishing touches on winterizing the coop/run. My first year with chickens and I've learned sooooo much! Glad to have fellow Wisconsinites to share in the insanity of living and raising chickens in a state with cold weather!


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Nov 10, 2010
NE Wisconsin
We got about an inch on the ground from yesterday - nothing today.

We have deer up by the house eating fallen crab apples and acorns all the time. Dogs have gotten tired of barking at them.
This fall we had some excitement what a young wild turkey flew the wrong way when the dogs startled the brood and the poor little guy ended up IN the dog yard. Luckily, DH was alert and went to investigate the noise and got the dogs locked away. It took both of us the get the little guy out. He was all legs and neck, lol.


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Jan 20, 2007
Welcome to the cheeseheads AppleMom!
Yep, we still have 2" of snow on the ground yet....sure hope it melts today.
I wonder if I'll get my kraut cut today?
Scored some huge cauliflower heads from the Black Creek Farmers market....$2 per head. I can't grow it for that.

Stay Safe...bigz


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Mar 30, 2009
Central WI
We had a dusting of snow this morning.... the chickens were not pleased. It has all melted now.

Cleaned up the yard yesterday, cut down the garden beds, took care of the flower baskets, moved the roses, transplanted some plants from my neighbors yard..... a long day outside.


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Oct 16, 2008
I have not been on the puter much lately.
sounds like you all are enjoying our wonderful state and it's weather.
I liked butchering when it was in the 40F's. also did it with snow on the ground..
No flies or bugs.. the meat cooled down without having to make a ton of ice..
I bought a pound of organic garlic. It actually came out to closer to two pounds.. $14.oo/pound. Hard neck. this will be my first time planting garlic. The couple that I bought it from had four varieties. They were very helpful with advice. Only live about 2 miles from us, so I can go and ask for more advice..
I think I will start it in buckets for the winter and transplant it to the ground in early spring
If the ground is not too frozen this weekend, I might try planting it in the ground


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Feb 14, 2016
@wyoDreamer You are absolutely correct!! Grandma's cranberry juice recipe is perfect and always great for the winter, especially warmed up with orange and cinnamon. Oh, and cranberry jello is always a big hit at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Good thing cranberries can be frozen.


Sep 1, 2018
South Central Wisconsin
Hi all,
Can I ask a favor, pretty please. I am selling my old coop as we finished the new one and moved the flock over!

I am not sure what to price the old one for. As fellow crazy chicken folks & also living in the same state. I am wondering if you could give me a ballpark you might ask for it.

Details on coop.
  • Heavy duty tractor style coop -need forwheeler/lawnmower to move.
  • All sides are plywood or metal (roof)
  • Inside coop dimensions are about 6×7ft (5ft 5-10in tall in center depending on bedding), have to duck to get in door but then can standup)
  • Insulated walls and windows
  • Predator proof eves, windows.
  • Vinyl floor on both walls & floor
  • poop board & roost (matched out for 9 standard birds-big L)
  • 3 outside nesting box access
  • homemade auto popdoor on timers(operates on lane tractor battery)
  • Attached run matched out for 6 standard birds, all hardware clothed, 3/4 roof cover run.
  • Shelf for dust bath attached to coop (large rubbermaid container), so u dont need to pull it out before u move coop.
  • We check it over today and everything looks solid, just outside grime (needs a cleaning).
I look forward any insight one might be able to provide. I know moving it might be a challenge, but the coop &run do come apart.



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Jan 20, 2007
Hard to say what someone is willing to pay? I do know alot of people are into raising chickens recently due to covid and more folks being home. They are finding out just how rewarding and fun raising chickens is. Something we all knew long ago. You prolly have a grand or two or more in the new one for sure.......I'm sure you should be able to get more than $500.....they sell junk commercial coops for $200 that are too small and made of lousy materials.....Good Luck!

Stay Safe... bigz

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