Aug 2, 2019
You're so sweet and optimistic. No, he was pecking the eggs. And when the siblings came out, he pecked THEM. Yes, it's Bella, reincarnated.
Further pictures will have to wait, bc everytime I come near w/the camera, they start running in circles. 🤷‍♀️ They look similar, except markings on 2 are a bit darker. I'm not even going to guess- when I can get a pic that isn't 4 blobs of blur, ya'll can identify.
I did lose one. 😕 I'm glad -well, not glad you went through it, but glad you guys brought up shrink wrap and I read abt it, otherwise I might have lost another. Poor thing just wanted to go to sleep afterwards and Sibling Bruiser kept pecking him in the rear.🤨
So the 4 are dry and fluffy, sprawled out and asleep.
Not sure if originals knew what was going on inside or what;they usually are pretty quiet, but they all were at the patio door today making a raucous.

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