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  1. The post office called this morning & my Sebastopol eggs are being delivered today!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]:woot

    I've had my incubator running for two days now...trying to get it right....unfortunately, it's an LG (still air).

    So now I'm trying to decide--do I move my Cochin & Brahma eggs into the LG & put my Sebastopol eggs in the hovabator (turbo fan??)

    OR do I leave them the way they are--and risk the iffy temps & weird flucations with my 'spensive geese eggs? [​IMG]

    Also, currently my humidity in the LG is 84%, is that alright?

    I just hope these hatch!!!!
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    if it's any help, I think goose eggs are very sturdy and forgiving. In the wild they get more cooling off etc... My Sebastopols Zeena and Zander who are 10 mo. old have 6 eggs right now! We are hoping they will have luck hatching any of them.
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    Mar 3, 2008
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    Keep the humidity up!
  4. Thank you!

    Right now it's at 84% is that okay? Too high? Too low??
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    Hi - I have 4 sebastopol eggs in my incubator. They are on day 7, and I have 3 with veins and doing well. I'll give the 4th one a few more days, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

    Did you get your eggs from a breeder in WA? Maybe our eggs are related [​IMG]

    I am totally new at incubating - but I had heard that the humidity should be 60 to 65% for the first 25 days and then up it to 75 to 80% for the last few days. I also mist the eggs once a day with a spray bottle.

    And, if it were me, I would put the expensive sebastopols in the more reliable incubator.....

    Good luck!
  6. Thank you! I now have it at 71%--I'm hoping it will get down a little lower before I put them in.

    Nope, mine came from NE...so we'll see if they hatch! [​IMG]

    The nice thing is that I only ordered/paid for two--and I got FIVE! [​IMG]

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