Would this fencing work?


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Apr 13, 2015
We are looking to get 2 dairy goat does. The wire fencing can be pricy. But I was looking at the electric net goat fencing. The one I saw was 40 inches tall and 164 feet long. Would a goat jump out of that? Or might they learn its electric and they would be detered from jumping. Also we have bears and other predators so I was thinking this would be good to keep them out due to the shock. What do you think?
Also is this suitable for chickens?



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Feb 1, 2010
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I have used electric net fencing for goats and it works well. I do not know if it would deter a bear. The chickens have a different net, i guess the feathers help insulate them . Every case is different, some animals will jump over anything. If a doe is in season, and a buck is on the other side of the fence, all bets are off.


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Yes, it works GREAT, as long as you have a powerful charger, hooked up properly.

When I lived in Alaska, electric mesh was the go-to fencing to keep bears out of anything - chickens, gardens, goats, etc. And bears were a HUGE problem where I lived, they were everywhere, constantly. You would see several per day, not once or twice a year.

The best resource out there, hands down, is Premier 1 Supply. Even if you do not buy their products, you should get their fencing catalog and how-to free booklet. Priceless info in there, and they even welcome calls about ANY electric fence product, even if it isn't theirs!


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