Would this work as a coop?

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  1. dkelewae

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    Oct 7, 2008
    For 2 buff orpington hens


    Here are the specs:

    This house was conceived with the outdoor pet in mind, allowing him to enjoy both the comfort of an enclosed sleeping area and the freedom of an outdoor porch. In addition to a raised base, this porch was designed with a roof, which offers complete coverage to your pet, keeping them dry and shaded from the elements. A window on the house allows for ventilation of the enclosed areas.

    External dimensions (House): 39" D x47" W x 35" H
    • Door: 18" W x 21" H

    One of the reviews for this said that they use it for their 3 chickens, and hang the feeder from the porch area. Of course they didn't specify what breed of chicken though!

    edited to add: Of course I'd also be adding a run too!
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  2. Sunflower

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    Apr 10, 2007
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    That looks AWESOME - my chicks would love it. However, I wonder about preditors & keeping them warm & dry from blowing rain, snow (if applicable) in inclement weather. Does the big door close?
    My coop has a main door I walk in (people size) and then a small door for them to go in & out during the day and then I close it up at night so preditors won't get 'em.

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