Wound Healed Wrong, Skull Exposed


Dec 4, 2017
Marcello is my baby, he was out in his fenced area in the garden helping get it ready, we ran to the store my mom and sister and other family members were home but when we got back something attacked him a couple weeks ago I assume it may have been a crow or a hawk because all my chickens are below him since he is top ranking and no one has ever been this violent to any of each other ever in my whole history of many years having chickens so it was healing up and I gave him the antibiotics I was told from the sanctuary to use in an emergency and cleaning the wound and his eye that is covered from the scab and his head is all scabby and one of the scabs came off and the back of his head about a quarter size his skull is exposed! I just had a couple general questions that I would like to know to curb my anxiety, like, do I clean that area??? Is there more I can do for him until I can bring him in to the vet??? What precautions should I be taking and he is isolated in a kennel??? Will skin grow back???? He has more scab and I'm scared of what might be underneath it. He's eating and drinking just fine and acting like himself otherwise aside from being clingy and wanting extra love cause he doesn't feel good.
It will heal, it just needs to be kept clean to prevent infection. Birds skin is very good at healing and as long as you keep it clean he will survive

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