Wrinkly "Pod" and Rubbery "Yolks(?)"

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    Tonight I looked under my chickens' roost and found these

    (look at bottom center, 1 large white thing and a smaller one to the left of it)

    These white things are very rubbery and were kind of like silly putty. You press into them and they don't break; they just bounce back up when you let go. I don't think that strand is a worm; I messed around with it and it seems to be the same substance. But I could be wrong. The "pod" was located right above these, but I removed that first.



    This "pod" was cold, wet, and felt rubbery, but more like a balloon kind of rubber, just thicker.

    Neither the "pod" nor the "yolks(?)" were smelly. I have 2 generations of chickens; one that is 2 years 1.5 months old and another that will be turning 1 year old on May 8th. They have a large run and are out from 8:30 AM to Sunset (now around 7:40 PM but some go in around 8). One has calcium buildup on her eggs (I'm trying to keep her stress low, and she's a newer layer). She doesn't sleep on this roost often, but she may have been on there today before being kicked off. Do you have any idea what these are and what causes them? I'm assuming there is something seriously wrong here.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Looks like peritonitis. Lash eggs are the rubbery things. Some say peritonitis is deadly, but my hens survived without antibiotics. Although that is the safest route.
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    If the rubbery things are lash eggs, then it's caused by salpingitis.
    If you cut them open they will usually look like layers of cooked egg.
    Here is a link with info and pictures to help you identify: http://www.the-chicken-chick.com/2014/12/salpingitis-lash-eggs-in-backyard.html
    Salpingitis usually does not respond to treatment unless it is caught very early, and treated with antibiotics.
    Peritonitis is caused by internal laying or broken eggs or shell-less eggs inside the hen.
    Treatment for this is also antibiotics.
    If you have an avian vet it would be best to take her there to make sure you are treating the correct thing with the correct antibiotic, hopefully the articles will help you identify which it is.
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    I got up this morning and checked for any more droppings. All were normal. I then went and cut the odd ones open. The outside matched the inside.


    The "yolks" seem to be more like whites.


    The "pod" is a shell membrane. When I cut it open there was a very small amount of clear bubbles inside. Otherwise it felt like a membrane.

    I highly doubt this constitutes as a "lash egg". It might be EYP, but I'm a bit unsure since none of my chickens seem less active than usual. Regardless, I'll do some further checking and put a few drops of Oil of Oregano in their water today (while they're outside).

    Thanks for the feedback.

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