Wry Neck Update: Rocky Thrives


6 Years
Dec 29, 2015
Birmingham Alabama
We are on day 6 of treatment, on day 2 he stopped drinking any liquids, so he got really mushy moist mash with eggs. Yesterday he started eating dry crumbles and late evening he started drinking again. Yesterday he held his high up most of the day relapsing a couple of times. Today he is upright, he is also starting to open very little slit in the eye on the side of his twist. He continues to get a daily dose of vitamin E, scramble eggs, mash, Vitamin b complex water he usually only takes about 2 huge sips of that. (I usually take a dropper full and place on top of his mash as he eats).Needless to say I am so happy he's making a great progress. Thanks to everyone for suggestions, checking in on him, and just being there for me. This place is the best and I hope everyone stays safe during this times. God Bless....

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