WTB: Quality Call Ducks

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  1. cutechick2010

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    I have wanted for years to raise calls, but have not so far been able to get things together to the point where I could. Well, I think the time has finally come, now I jsut need to find some birds!
    I am in central Illinois. I will take ducklings or adults, but do not want to ship adults. Colors I prefer are greys, pastels, or snowies, but I would consider other colors as well. They don't have to be blue-blooded show winners, but of high enough quality to make it worth my time breeding them. If you have any you would like to sell, please email me, I would love to hear from you! Thanks!
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    May 5, 2010
    Bonner Springs, KS
    Contact Duckluck, she is also in Illinois and has beautiful birds-I want hatching eggs but she just PM me saying she has young adults. Several call duck people on here have her birds-look at Annarie's, she just got her's last month from Duckluck-beautiful butterscotches and whites, very tiny, small bills, and gorgeous colors-good luck, you will love them as much as we all do-Michelle

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