Wyandotte with swollen face--*please* help

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    My blue-laced red, Mora, is a pullet approaching her first birthday (end of November). She has always been quite hefty since reaching laying age, but since having this problem, I fear she has been losing weight as she seems lighter when I pick her up.

    Around three days ago, I noticed one side of Mora's face was lightly swollen and discolored because of it. The other side was normal, did not look as if there has been any injury, and she was being her usual self--lazy. I was concerned, but thought it might have been an insect bite, and decided to see if the swelling went down. It hasn't.

    Today, both sides are swollen far past what I first saw, to the point where it is making her eyelids slightly droopy.
    She either hunches over standing or lies down away from everyone, which I know is a sign of sickness in chickens.
    She is not laying.
    She has poop stuck to the fluff of her butt, but I didn't know that would be cause for ruling out an illness until I looked some things up.
    She's still pooping, but it's mostly water.
    I don't think she eats her feed. I let her free-range while the others are in their fenced yard, and she IS showing interest in scratch and grass.
    There is the slightest redness running up her legs and in between her toes; I couldn't get a good picture of it because it was so light. Not sure if it would be a contributing factor.

    She's also been losing feathers at an extremely fast rate--I know it's molting season and our older hens are doing it, but neither of her broodmates has dropped a single feather.

    None of the other birds are acting like this. We do have a case of bumblefoot in the flock we're trying to out right now, but Mora is one of the chickens without it.

    I feed our girls--and ducks--Purina AllFlock Starter/Grower crumble. Their bedding is just standard flakes in bulk from TSC.

    I would love to take care of this myself as my family is very suspicious as far as the use of antibiotics in chickens goes (which is what the vet has administered in the past for the bumblefoot), but I want to save this chicken if at all possible. They are all like kids to me.
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    Please let me know what you think I should do.
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    She may have mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) or possibly infectious coryza, both chronic respiratory diseases that cause sinus infection and conjunctivitis. Is there a bad odor around her face? That can be common with coryza. Unfortunately antibiotics would be indicated, such as Tylan 50 injectable. You can give it orally, 0.2 ml per pound 2-3 times a day for 5 days, or as an injection into her breast muscle. Your vet can give other antibiotics that may be better. She will remain a carrier for life, and your flock may have already been exposed the same time she was.

    Sick birds do not drink well, so I would mix a bowl of their feed with a lot of water daily. You can add a small bit of plain yogurt for probiotics and raw or cooked egg. That would get more water into her. MG is common in backyard flocks. I would cull a chicken with coryza though.

    If there is pus or dried crusts in her eye, they need to be removed. Saline a or warm compresses can be used. Terramycin eye ointment is helpful in the eye twice a day. You can read about those diseases here:
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    All I can think of is wet pox. But I would keep her quarintined just in case also see if her production slows.
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    Thank you. There's no foul odor around her face as far as I can tell. I'll look into the link you sent me and try to get her to drink.
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    Oct 14, 2016
    Rural Ohio.
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