yay they are laying again!!!!


10 Years
Mar 21, 2009
Iron Station, NC
so I think over the winter we ended up putting the girls into a stall on the egg production. I mean we have 45+ girls and we weren't getting any eggs what so ever!! then I started thinking maybe we have someone eating the eggs before I could get to them. I know that we need to "thin the flock" because they are a little crowded, but we haven't had a free weekend to do the deeds. also we had sectioned off 1/4 of the coop for the bantams to have their own area so that took some away from the big girls. and we wormed them between december and january, because it was time. with all that said, we have (in the past two weeks) taken the walls down and the bantams are now integrated with the flock, made a new roost and more roosting area. and we added some fake eggs to the nestboxes to coax them into knowing it's a safe place to lay. and FINALLY WE ARE GETTING EGGS AGAIN!!!!!! over the weekend we got 7 total, then monday we got 2, then yesterday we got 9! and today we have 9 so far and one was in the nest box!!! I just had to come here and tell everyone (my facebook friends don't care lol)

well they are consistanly laying more and more every day!! we got 21 on friday and 22 on saturday and 24 yesterday!!!!!! so excited!! now gotta get to selling!
Mine are still on strike...had to buy store bought for the second time this winter....20 hens 0 eggs for the last couple months. I sure hope this warming trend jump starts them into some production!
I got lucky this year and for the most part they laid all winter long. We have 5 hens and one, the ameraucana, never laid until starting just last month. The other four laid almost all winter with a few days taken off here and there. The other four are 2 RIR's and 2 ISA Browns. Now I get 5 eggs a day probably 5 out of 7 days of the week. The ameraucana seems to be the inconsistent layer. Although as I understand it ameraucanas are not the heavey layers the other 2 breeds are. Part of the reason I wanted RIRs was because they were suppose to be good winter layers, and that they were!
we have 23 eggs so far today! I am super excited! we sell eggs to help offset the costs of the feed and plus I HATE store bought eggs.

I don't even really know what got them off strike. we did everything all at once, but they are laying and I am happy

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