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    I have 3 cochins 2 lovely girls and a nice roo. My 4 to 5 month old cochin is getting in the broody mode and has started to lay which surprised me all the ether forms said they lay at 7 to 8 months and its winter where I live. I went in the coop and there one of the girls was in the nesting boxes and I placed a bantam egg near her she gave it a little peck and rolled it under her with her beak. when I went in there earlier she pecked me for trying to pet her though that is expected. Tell your stories and maybe some advice. [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

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    Most any of my hens will roll eggs underneath when they're on the nest, doesn't mean they're broody. My criteria for being broody is two nights in a row on the nest. Plus, when the hormones kick over to brood, they quit laying. So, if your girl is still laying, she's not broody. My guess is she's just a new layer who likes hanging out in the nest box. It's a touch early for a broody IMO, I like to wait a month or so longer for better weather. If you want to encourage her to brood, keep a small clutch of either golf balls or sacrifice eggs (well marked so they can be discarded later!) and see if those help trigger her to set. Cochins love to raise babies so I'm guessing it won't be long before she's ready to set for you.

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