Young Coturnix Quail Vomiting


11 Years
Sep 17, 2008
Hello all,
I am new to the forum and new to quails.
I have a 2 1/2 week old Coturnix Quail that is lively and eats and drinks all the time.

The problem is that the quail seems to vomit a lot. As soonn as the quail vomits it immediately eats the vomit.

Is this normal behavior or is this a sign of something else?

I am feeding the quail chick started ( blended to an edible consistency) with high protein cat food mixed in ( also blended)
Any advice or observations welcome.
We're here, but I personally am stumped by that one... I have never heard of coturnix regurgitating their food.
It is acting completely active and healthy except for the problem mentioned.

I guess I will just keep fresh food and water for it and see what happens,
Hopefully it will stop doing this.
Perhaps cut out the cat food, and just feed it gamebird starter... is it just one bird, or all of them?
just the one bird.
Was the only one to hatch from a smashed shipment of eggs thanks to the post office.
Oh dear...
I hate that. I'm sorry, I wish I could be more help, but that's really a new one. He/she may outgrow it. Another week or so, and you'll know if you have a girl or a boy.
Just for the record the chick stopped the vomiting and is healthy as can be.
It will be 3 weeks old on September 21

Sometimes things just work themselves out.

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