Young hen stopped laying.


5 Years
Jul 25, 2018
Southern California
My 29 week old Rhode Island Red has stopped laying a little over a month ago. She went about two weeks with eggs and then stopped. Is this normal? She should not be molting, as this is her first year, and I made a separate thread asking if it was not enough light. I was told that chickens should lay straight through for their first winter. Thanks a lot.
If she looks healthy, it is likely she is not laying because she didn't come into lay "deeply" enough before the shorter days. The hormones have to be triggered enough (pituitary gland) by daylight to establish laying before the days get shorter.

I try to get my new pullets laying by July latest so that by October they are well established and though may slow will still lay.

My August new layers often quit by October and don't start until February again.

So likely it is in response to the shorter days.

You could try worming and checking her for mites/lice.


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