Young 'uns don't want to go outside


8 Years
Feb 27, 2012
I have five new pulets (7 weeks old or so) who are now bunking with my 5 older hens in the shed that is their coop. But the pullets have been staying in the shed all day every day. It's been almost a week now. I'd like to see them get some fresh air (shed's getting hot during the day now.) Do I just assume they will want to come out eventually or do I need to do something?
How are they getting along with the hens? Any bullying/chasing if they happen to stick their heads out? Have they only been inside the coop their whole lives or was there a period where you gave them some outside time, brooded them outdoors, etc?

Might try setting the hens out to free range, or fence them off somewhere for a bit, and booting the young ones out to explore the run/yard a bit, without the hens in the way.
The hens ignore them. And the hens leave to free-range all day but use the nest inside the shed to lay eggs.
But, yeah, they were inside in their brooder until I put them in a caged off area of the shed. They seemed super eager to get out and the hens were being very laid back, so I took down the divider. I'll rethink that strategy for next time.
I'll take your advice and make a no-hens outdoors space for them today.
Eventually all chickens do want to go outside, right?
They should want to go out, but chickens in general (and young birds especially) find new things scary, so if they haven't been out much, the outside must look very scary to them, hence why I suggested booting them outside for a bit to force them to confront their fears.

When I open the brooder in the morning now, the chicks practically explode out, they're so excited, even though some of my hens do chase them.

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