Well another first for my girls... tonight they are sleeping outside. stil no coop.. but I have them now in a 4x8 dog pen ( mainly to keep the horse from eating their food) and I put in one bottom of a dog house upsidedown so tey have a shady area to get into they seam tolike to take naps in the shade or their box. I had had a dog house sitting on top fo rhem witht heir shavings but realized that NO DOOR. problem. we nad traded dog house for large dog carrier. problem solved. I hope this is the coldest they will have been becasue the door is just the cage wire door. Im sure they'll huddle up and keep warm... Im a bit worried but I know that they need to move to the next step in their little lives.
everything else on the farm is just farming.. ahhah... a beautiful spring day. bald cycpress is starting to needle out. love them great tree's.

blessed be )O(

the girls made it just fine. I wanted to check on them at the middle of the night and then felt stupid. geeze their chickens not babies. if I did go out there, next i'd buy a baby monitor to put in their box at night to make sure everyone was sleeping.. hahah. they have gone through their first 50 lb bag of chick feed so I need to go and get a new bag today. wo wthey eat alot. Im wondering if they are like great dane pups. it takes alot of food to get them grown to full size but then when thier grown the amount of maintence food is no where near as much as getting them there?

oh I did find a thread on byc and got all bummed out last weeeknd they had a chick swap deal going on in Irmo. what an 1h or 1 1/2 hr away. I woud have loved to have gone. hopefully they will have another one somewhere. Im still learningmy way around the forums havent hit most of them yet. have read some realy interesting problems and stuff from others posted. getting some ideas of othere breeds I wouldlike to get. oh my gosh these chickens are like an obsession to me.. Im like a chicken druggy.... cant wait to get another one.. ahhhh and I dont have the ones i have set up the way I want yet.. ahhhh... got to get a chicken fix.. lI just wont be satisified till I get a trio of ameracauna's or ee's. oh but then I saw the lavender orfhintons.. they are sooooo pretty.. crazy... Ive got Chicken Crazy... hahahha..