July 13

By pinkwindsong · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. pinkwindsong
    wow what a rough week its been. the heat has been outragious.. each day at or above 99-102...

    I lost lafiat to the heat. they had freshe water but It hink he just never had been his full self and he had so mch feathering he just coulnt take it, found him under mother cypress in the shade.

    little Gloria has hurt her left leg somehow. dont know if it is the leg or hip.. shes still moviong around but she limps and i know it has to hurt, weezy stays with her and i make sure thye go in the cage at night.

    Everyone except Jett sleep in the kennel at night .good girls.. he and the little little flock all sleep int he maiden at night.. they figured out how high they have to go so that I cant reach them to put them in the kennel at night. the black girls are growing..

    Amy Nadine has little young dark brahma roos for me but I wasnt able to get up to her this week.. if felt really bad but I just didnt have it in me to be able to make it up there..dont want to crash on the way there, after taking off the end of my finger on the mandolin blade the meds have made me sooo sleepy, then my arm is staying numb more often lately.. got ot have him do my neck again.. damn mesds make me tired but not stop the pain,, I hate that,...
    anyway still nio help for my coop. ill get it some how soem day. till then I just keep them safe and sound,,, Oh i did put up the dog houise full of shavings for a nest box the girkls are really getting red and ready to atart laying.. yeah...

    till next time..

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