time is absoulutly flying by..

Ihavent gotton on here and updated my blog for a month.. ahhh... so much has happened.. let see.. one of the main things and to remember for future referance, is ...

Lafiat got sick.. cold like symptoms.. snuffy nose, sneezes and tight chest.. I posted on byc and OMG this one woman just keep on for me to cull him and all of my birds cause they were going to be carriers. for ever.. and on and on.. so of course i asked around on the forum and no shes wrong.. but she just kept on.. apparently she had gotten sick birds form someone else and I was just her shouting block and the one she was taking it out on.. come to find out she killed all her birds and didnt even test them to see if they would get better or not.. what a friken nut.. finaly got rid of her..than goddess.. anyhoo.. Lafiat... well I put him on amoxi drops that night and then put vicks vapor rub on his wattles and his cobm and chest and that helped right away .. i kept him in the house away from the girls ... didnt take him long to like the soft stuff luving.. ahha.. sitting ont he couch one night and petting his back.. and he started purring/trilling.. I looked at mom and she at me and I said did you hear that..??? so started petting agian and sur enough he started the purring /trilling again.. wow.. so cool.. I had no idea chickens purred.. ( later the next day a lady said she likes the lf brahmas becasue they purr.. )
so Lafiat is in the house recovering from his "cold" and the girls outside are like " hens gone wild on spring break" hey rooster thow me some beads.. " wild.. no one would stay together no one would go to bed at night.. ( took me and mom over and hr to get everyone in bed)... so when Lafiat was feeling better still on antibiotics and then I put antibiotics in both waterers.. ) i put him back out.. and that night no lie.. that night he ahd all the girls together in little group.. then he had them in bed by 8'30.. LAFIAT. IS THE BOMB""" HE' DA MAN!!! no more "hens gone wild"

oh called around and talked to clemson bio security guy and he said no that he wasnt a carrier and yes he would get over it.. yada yada.. he did..

nadine replaced the two girls that died.. that was nice... one is gold and brown same size and age as sookie and then a red girl same age as Uncle Daddy.. and while me and michale were there.. we saw..... this huge rooster.. georgous... gold barred large fowl cochin... he had 4 little roo's and she said you can have one if you want.. ahhh yes..... so i got the biggest boy that had the most gold on him so he would look like daddy..... I gave him to mom but he lives here.. Midas... beautiful.. and so big. he is the size of the teenagers but only 7 weeks old.. hahah.. poor little guy.. took Sookie and Uncle Daddy 2 weeks to totaly intragrate the 3 newbies.. and they still hang in their 2 groups.. sookie and uncle daddy. with meebeep and the 4 black girls.. ( ya one mathayus loved to death.. found her on his bed soaking wet but no teethmarks. and the other one just failed to thrive.? ) and then Midas and his 2 EE girls.. they are getting better about mixing up and I have faith theyll get it together... I will buy Midas 2-3 gold girls ..have to find the right ones..

the 3 little black girls that were suposed to be silver laced wayndottes arent they have to be black sexlinks.. and they are small still. names finaly.. little foot became gloria, the largest became Edith, then we have lousie ( weezy) and lastly we have florance.. yeah we watch alot of tv land reruns.. hahah.

almost forgot to say.. dixie didnt go to bed one night I couldnt find her... the next morning she came runing up to me out from the cypress.. then later that day.. Puffff of feathers.. thats all.. and she was gone. fricken hawk.. i never see him anymore but i know he got her.. then one week later. still not seen him and I went out to the garden and one of the plants had been broken and white feathers... missing a twin.. dam hawk strikes again.. im trying to keep a good eye on them ... got to do something to run him off..

so I have now
Lafiat, tilli, jezabel - who perkaw's
Jett, tippie and elsie
whynonna, and one twin.
Sookie, uncle daddy , little red and gold girls ( nope no name yet)
then the four black girls and Midas..

well got to go lock them in Lafiat should have everyone in bed by now..