Hoppy Easter....
well the girls got all kinds of different goodies to try yesterday, and Im sure after todays easter feast they'll have even more. I am so glad that I saw that mans post about what they can and cant eat, good deal. I've still been giving them worms everyday to help they scratch and catch food.. the Wht. leghorns are the best catchers and like eating them more than the others. I dont know who enjoys worming more , me or the chickens? we have such a good time doing it. I help dig them up then call and show them, then the wiggling and stealing begins. funniest thing to watch one run with a squirming worm in her mouth and everyone else trying to steal it from her and shes making that clucking sound the whole time she running with it..
: so far for goodies they have had
bread- ok apple- not quite sure pear- find out in a bit gave them one with breakfast
worms- yum bugs- yum grits - not yet rice - not yet corn- not yet
biscuts- yum scrambled eggs- yum crackers- ok chick peas- yum
raisens- double yum bran cerieral - yum black beans raw/soaked- yum
speggetti noodles - double yum

well Joan Jet barred rock"er hahah is turning out to be Jet Lee instead.. so looks like I have two hens and a barred rock roo.. thats ok.. I have no problem keeping them true barred rocks.she/he is very calm and never makes noise I wonder if that is typical for roos? tippi is deffentaly one too but she is still a bit different. i would say no problem, from a different line.

Latifa the big dark bhrama is also looking more like a Lafiat... which too is ok. she/he geting to be more solid colors on her back, neck and starting in chest a dark black. so i'll have a trio of dark bhramas.. little Jezable still hasnt gotten all her back feathers in . worried just a bit? she has little brown baby fuzz all down her back, no big girl feathers at all.. Tilli is turning out just beautiful wiht all the little fine penceing feathers ( I think thats what its called. )

then I have the two red heads.. hahah.. oh my goodness Dixie the oranger/golder of the two is the tamest of everyone and loves to sneek up and peck pockets.. finger nails, really catch her attention but she and whynonna both just settle down and enjoy getting their backs stroked. Whynonna is still a dark red/mohaganiey color but both are wht feathered under the red and they both still have half of their bodies that really pretty cream collor from the shoulders back. I ll have to get them a roo .
but no rush there im allready gonna have to have split runs for the barred rocks and the bhramas and oooooooh my goddess im sooo excited.. next weekend Im getting my americuaunas... YES!!!!!! and she has a roo from a different blood line so wont have a problem breeding.. soooo excited. i'll have one roo and 3 hens ( thier still chicks not much younger than the girls I have so thats good figure I can work them into each other.. or not it will be ok.
I've got to find a way to get the girls roost in their night box. I need someone to help me build a coop.. I have so many ideas I just dont know how to make them in the physical world.. my imagaination it should be soooo easy to do.. I wish they had shop classes for adult women who dont have men around to help them withthese normaly Guy things .. that we still need done jsut dont have the man to do it..

Ive got my phone charging ( no min on it but its got a good camera. haha) gonna figure out how to get some pics of the girls and then try to post them here..
wish I had fresh eggs now. dont have enough to make deviled eggs for diner.. bummer.. go the ham, mac and cheese, cadied yams all in the oven. still have to make stuffing, an somethign green seams like everything im makeing is in the yellow/ orange catagory. needs something green in there.. hmmm
Morgna should be home from work around 4pm yeah I hate that she is working I really miss her soo much.. shes still working out withthe personal trainer and its starting to show... shes lost a whole pant size and lbs too.. I wish she would go ahead and take her GED so she would worry about school and we could start going to agencies .. shes got such a modeling talent ive got to get her out there and find her work modeling instead of waitressing.. I hate that .. I know what she wants she wants to see the world, its gonna be modeling or Navy.. my dad would be so proud if she went Navy and so would I but OOHH so scarry even though she wants to work on the hopsital ship. ( they have 2 that travel the world) but its still war time and our pres. suxs.. hummm I wish Tyra would pick her up.. she is soooo ready...
well enough of my going on's .. time to work on the kitchen ive made a mess.. hahahh me? NO hahahha yeah right.
oh my gosh just remembered I have to make the cheesecake.. still haveint decieded blue berry or choc/peanutbutter cheesecake/ HUMMMMM either way its not gonna make itself..