Southern Fried Potatoes

By Taylor · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Taylor

    5-6 large Potatoes
    half a onion chopped
    3/4 cup white lily cornmeal
    1/4 stick Butter( i use land o lakes sweet cream)
    1-2 cups crisco shortening or 1-2 cups lard
    salt, pepper
    Large skillet (i use cast-iron)

    Cooking Instructions

    1. slice potatoes into rounds, sorta thinly sliced
    2. wash all the starch off them
    3. put the cornmeal on them and coat them all good
    4. heat your skillet and melt the butter and crisco
    5. throw the potatoes in there and salt them and pepper real good
    6. turn regularly
    7. when they're half done add the chopped onion to them and fry them until the pptatoes are a good golden brown
    8. serve warm
    9. goes good with cornbread, mac n cheese, fried chicken, pinto beans, greens

    *these are just about the best fried potatoes i've ever had! I just came up w/ the recipe one day. thought i would share it. comment and tell me what you think bout' them. :)

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