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  1. Nifty-Chicken
    Hi Peeps! [​IMG]

    Welcome to BackYardChickens.com website!

    There are a ton of exciting new features and areas of the site for you to explore. To help get started we suggest you watch this video that walks through the main parts of the site, especially the forum:

    Video "How To" Demo of Using BYC:

    For those that want a quick idea of the different navigation options, here’s an example of the “Forum” list with notes on the various links and options:


    Where are my favorite places?

    If you were a member of the old site, here are a few of the most popular pages and their locations on the new site:


    We have a handful of areas you can go for lots of information about the new site:

    This is my first time ever on BYC, where should I go now?

    If you’ve never been to BYC before, we highly suggest you visit the following: REQUIRED & SUGGESTED READING FOR THE BYC FORUM

    I found a bug / saw an error, what do I do?

    If If you’re having problems with the site:

    First, look through our section called BYC Website & Forum Feedback & Announcements to see if others are posting the same problem.

    If it hasn’t been reported, then we need VERY specific details so we can reproduce the problem and find a solution. Saying, “I can’t login” or “I got an error” or “I can’t upload pictures” will not be enough information for us to help you.

    Read over "How To Troubleshoot & Report Problems" for more information.

    Next Steps:

    Now you're ready to start posting! You may also want to check out the "Required Reading" thread on BYC.

    You're best bet is to introduce yourself in our "New Member Introductions" section and look for the “Post New Thread” link/button. new_thread.PNG

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  1. cyberdave
    Wow!!!:> What a great reference article~ extremely helpful, for me!
    Thank you,
  2. casportpony
    Love this helpful article! Perfect for me because I like visual guides.
  3. chickincrazy
  4. birdbrain99
    **** it BYC I love you
  5. MaPa26
    I joined in April and am just now getting around to "studying" your site. I started going to your website years ago, because I have always had a love for raising chickens. My Dad always had chickens as long as we were living in a place that would accommodate them. It is such a great hobby for ALL ages. I must have picked up some knowledge, growing up with them, but I am learning so much more from your site. I have posted replies on a thread and my only wish is that some people wouldn't try to make me feel like a moron and don't know my own chickens and what they need. "Know-It-Alls" who give unsolicited advice, when I don't think I am doing anything wrong, irk me. Anyway, I think 99.99% of the people on here are kind and helpful, without being condescending; more than 99.99%, actually, considering how many people use your site. This place was so helpful for getting ideas to incorporate into our coop design.
  6. albie1834
    way cool web site
  7. starlingsbaby
    just want to say hi from fl and say that iam new to byc but i love this site and am looking forward to being able to speak with other people that has love for chickens as well as i do and other animals for that matter. and look for ward to meeting new people and reading and viewing awesome pictues and posts.
  9. Phottoman
    This is my first post, and I have to say, THIS IS AWESOME !!!
    I''ll introduce myself later when I have more time, but this looks so awesome I am really glad to have found you.
  10. riyasvaryath
    Thanks for adding me

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