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  1. BYC Support
    Hi Peeps! :frow

    Welcome to BackYardChickens.com website!

    There are a ton of exciting new features and areas of the site for you to explore. To help get started we suggest you watch this video that walks through the main parts of the site, especially the forum:

    Video "How To" Demo of Using BYC:

    For those that want a quick idea of the different navigation options, here’s an example of the “Forum” list with notes on the various links and options:


    Where are my favorite places?

    If you were a member of the old site, here are a few of the most popular pages and their locations on the new site:

    We have a handful of areas you can go for lots of information about the new site:

    This is my first time ever on BYC, where should I go now?

    If you’ve never been to BYC before, we highly suggest you visit the following: REQUIRED & SUGGESTED READING FOR THE BYC FORUM

    I found a bug / saw an error, what do I do?

    If If you’re having problems with the site:

    First, look through our section called BYC Website & Forum Feedback & Announcements to see if others are posting the same problem.

    If it hasn’t been reported, then we need VERY specific details so we can reproduce the problem and find a solution. Saying, “I can’t login” or “I got an error” or “I can’t upload pictures” will not be enough information for us to help you.

    Read over "How To Troubleshoot & Report Problems" for more information.

    Next Steps:

    Now you're ready to start posting! You may also want to check out the "Required Reading" thread on BYC.

    You're best bet is to introduce yourself in our "New Member Introductions" section and look for the “Post New Thread” link/button. new_thread.PNG

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Morgansrbest
    "Great intro to finding your way around BYC"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jan 26, 2019
    Clear, easy to follow instructions. Definitely helpful for being new onto the site.
    Thank you very much!
  2. HuffleClaw
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 5, 2018
  3. ronott1
    "Excellant article"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 23, 2018


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  1. cyberdave
    Wow!!!:> What a great reference article~ extremely helpful, for me!
    Thank you,
  2. casportpony
    Love this helpful article! Perfect for me because I like visual guides.
  3. chickincrazy
  4. birdbrain99
    **** it BYC I love you
  5. MaPa26
    I joined in April and am just now getting around to "studying" your site. I started going to your website years ago, because I have always had a love for raising chickens. My Dad always had chickens as long as we were living in a place that would accommodate them. It is such a great hobby for ALL ages. I must have picked up some knowledge, growing up with them, but I am learning so much more from your site. I have posted replies on a thread and my only wish is that some people wouldn't try to make me feel like a moron and don't know my own chickens and what they need. "Know-It-Alls" who give unsolicited advice, when I don't think I am doing anything wrong, irk me. Anyway, I think 99.99% of the people on here are kind and helpful, without being condescending; more than 99.99%, actually, considering how many people use your site. This place was so helpful for getting ideas to incorporate into our coop design.
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  6. albie1834
    way cool web site
  7. starlingsbaby
    just want to say hi from fl and say that iam new to byc but i love this site and am looking forward to being able to speak with other people that has love for chickens as well as i do and other animals for that matter. and look for ward to meeting new people and reading and viewing awesome pictues and posts.
  9. Phottoman
    This is my first post, and I have to say, THIS IS AWESOME !!!
    I''ll introduce myself later when I have more time, but this looks so awesome I am really glad to have found you.
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  10. riyasvaryath
    Thanks for adding me
  11. mpopp
    Why can I only send two PMs?
  12. biddynewbie
    I'm interested in the swap in Lake Wales, FL since I only live about 45 minutes from there. Let me know when and where. I'm a new biddy sitter. My husband is doing a great job of building a coop for the ladies. Hope t meet everyone soon.
  13. excitedmichicks
    I am not sure what the old site was, as I just joined, but this current one is GREAT!
  14. crackedup
    Oh boy...what have I gotten myself in to? My husband and I have decided to try raising chickens for eggs. I've done some research, and feel a little "overwhelmed" as to where to start, ie. breeds and such. Nothing beats good ol' hands on advice from people who are doing it! We live in Iowa...we are converting our children's old playhouse (they are 15 & 13 now, so they won't miss it!) into a coop. We are still researching the best way to do this. I'm more concerned with proper breed selection for our climate and a portable vs. stationary coop. Any suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated. (We do live in the country, on about 2 acres.)
  15. ccocalis
    I have purchased the ChickenDIYguides.com product and am trying to build the large coop and i can't figure out how to build the platform as the instructions are not so great. I have the two base legs done but don't know where to go next. Can anyone help?
  16. math ace
    Remember how on the OLD byc we could search for members... by state, by alpha, etc.
    Where and how do I do that now ?? ?
  17. raising the roost
    Great job ... helping to keep the dementia at bay while learning to navigate the new site.
    you guys you are doing great keep it up.
  19. big jim 9970
    Things that make you go HUMMMMMMM????? We have about 50 chickens (some are really roosters) and we get about 10 eggs a day. The eggs are funny, some are really big, most are brown, some are blue some are tiny (some of chickens are Bantams which means they are very small) OK, so I bought a cheep incubater and started hating eggs. What fun, I put 25 eggs in the thing three weeks ago and 12 have hatch, two of those has since passed away (I suspect fowl play) One chicken that hatched is definately not a chicken. We named him FRANKEN CHICKEN ! He hatched the same day as eight others, today I noticed he is at least twice the size of all the other birds, he eyes are twice as large as the others, his beak is sharper and points slighly down. His feet are very large and don't look like the other babys......I we have had Sparrow Hawk hanging around, I thought he was really hungry, but maybe ...... He is only a week old and has large feathers on his wings already, when he says 'Peep' it is very baratone and the cats run away! So, if it is a hawk, and you raise it with the other baby chickens, does it grow up to eat the other chickens, after all they do taste like chicken. Just courious.......
  20. Puffycheeks
    Puffycheeks is new to this site, just saying HELLO to all !!!
  21. kstowell
    Looking forward to reading all of comments about chickens.
  22. Mikefinger
    I liked the old breeds section much better. Much easier to compare breeds based on chosen criteria. I found the old version more straight foward and comprehensive. Not a fan yet.
  23. erayAndBetty
    NEW to raising Chickens, and new to this sight. Thanks for the welcome. [Hope there is spell check...] I am getting over whelmed at the ton of info and opinions of the coop... oh mercy! Thinking about just wiring some pallets together, HOWEVER, Betty is not going for that idea ... lol!
  24. aflad2012
    HI everyone, we're getting our first batch of baby chicks this April and totally excited about it.
  25. srjnzr
    Great job guys!! Two thumbs up!!
  26. ChickLit
    Great new look...well done!
  27. floyd varney
    a real jailbird
  28. trudeman
  29. MomAtHome08
    This is awesome! I am crowing with delight!
  30. gaja
    haven't been on the site for awhile--great job in the update!
  31. Hummus
    I'm looking for Mark's rooster entered in a picture contest. Help?
  32. johnnyjack
    lol ya know this looks a lot like............ well lets just say im use to this set up, and ummm even the how to's look familiar somebody's been takin notes
    looks good Rob one question ya know im country an from way back in the sticks where the spell check ?
    with my fire fox its not happening. the spell check i mean.
    and wow what happened to those huge numbers ya had members and posts and such.... i always found that very impressive.
  33. TexLisa
    Any way to speed up ? Sounds like my pop-up blocker is popping popcorn, and everything is sooooooooo slooooowwww....
  34. JimandCillasGirls
  35. tobyno
    i am new to the chicken thing . i need HELP
  36. carolsaucier
    I like everything about the new BYC EXCEPT te fact that no mattr what I do I am never notified when a new response is made on any of the forums or people I watch. How can I fix that problem.
  37. kaitutu
    would like to see sack messanger purse
  38. Jjo95117
    Looks like there's a lot of info here! I'll take a look around
  39. BYCgal
    I'm an new member just feeling my way around. The video about the new features is helpful. Obviously a lot of work went into the update...I'm glad I joined today!
  40. darkbrowneggs
    Well done you!!
  41. chloezoebob101
    i joined the day after or maybe a few days after this new look!!
  42. SGT Coops
    The site looks great and will enjoy the benefits from being involved.
  43. Triplell
    Love the new Web Site but we kneed a place to block certin people and be able to report them for sexual harrassment. If truely interested to find out just look at my breed comment under Barred Rock. JULLIET123 YOU SHOULD BE REMOVED AND BAND FROM THIS SITE AND ITS AFFILIATES!!! I am very affended!!! Thank you for such a wonderful site. I will not leave over this but we need to beware as their are kids on this site as well.
  44. nikki_r5
    Oh Thank You... I would have been lost without my BYC !!!
  45. grannybgood
    Hi! from Granny Annie in Miami local bee-keeper luv BYC I tell people about having ur own chick's & fresh egg's, they say what? so I tell them ck-out you guy's so they can see what I'm talk'in about it's not hard to do & chickin's are cool! but in south,fl. it's not o.k to keep even one if you are not in a agri. area no bee's too! :( what too do? move to the stick's by the glade's with my hubby & little diva the bee's & chickin's and beat off the boa's/anaconda's & pac's of dog's people abandon! " not kidding, god help us! " we hope to help keep so.fl. green! & feed the Bee's & the people! " the seed is hope, the flower is joy, the fruit is life! ~ ><";> ~
  46. orps-usa
    How do I post a classified. Everytime I check the tab it says Im not allowed. Help please.
  47. Tressa27884
    Can you please add back the option to see auctions by location? PLEASE!
  48. Crack N' Egg
    Nice job! It all looks great!!
  49. m.r.heavenlyhens
    Looking good, been gone for a while, but I am back and it looks pretty darn good.
  50. upthecreek
    why has BYC slowed down since going to the new program ? i''ve used goole chrome and it made no difference . I'm noticing a lot the topics on Forum are not having but just a few comments now and some none at all now .
    My computer is fast everywhere but on BYC it slows way down (slower than granny) .

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