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    Brunswick Maine Agricultural swap April 28th saturday

    Same for last year. I went with a couple roos and was able to sell them, but I was the only one there with any "livestock". It was poorly done. Lewiston and Augusta seem like the events not to miss if you want poultry.
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    Farm Swap at TSC in Lewiston Maine- May 12th, 2012

    Any word about hens at this swap? I'm looking for a few to add to my flock, not bantams, full size girls. Prefer EE, BO, Wyandottes, but you never know:)
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    Egg color doesn't change? Do the spots?

    Thanks!! I guess I'll just have to keep sneaking up on them The pics are great!! Such pretty eggs, I like the spots too. All the eggs I've found have been cream colored more or less, so I guess they all have a very similar base color. With my luck the EE will lay cream colored eggs too, or...
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    Egg color doesn't change? Do the spots?

    I have a few hens (left), a BO, an EE, a BLRW, and a Columbian. I was getting tan spotted eggs from the buff, ( I caught her laying) then I found some smaller cream colored eggs, I thought they must be the columbians. But then I got different shades of very light brown, kind of cream, some with...
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    Found chicks today what should i do?

    Tough one. Is it a winter hearty breed? My mother had a little silkie hatch out a few chicks one winter. They free ranged during the day, but it only took one night out in the cold to kill off two of the three chicks, and that silkie was one amazing momma! We felts so bad for her, but one chick...
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    Bleeding won't stop, please help!

    We've used cornstarch in the past. ? Good luck
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    the [egg] wait is driving me crazy!!!

    This should make some of you feel alot better. I have a Columbian hen that is 30 weeks, and no eggs, at all. My silkie, who is 34 weeks, laid 3 eggs about three weeks ago, one egg a day for 3 days. And nothing since! I finally bought a couple old hens just so I could get an egg on occasion, my...
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    Possibly Mareks

    From what I understand Mareks is spread through dander, and is very quick/easy to spread, and impossible to get rid of. So if you think you have one, they are all exposed at this point. BUT I will say I thought we had Mareks also. After talking to the vet, I'm not so sure, neither is she...
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    What would turn a chickens nostrils black? Photo

    The vet asked if they'd gotten into any moldy feed, and they had once a couple weeks back. They also headed to my husbands shop after a storm and drank from a puddle in the drive. (they had fresh water in the pen but ran all the way to the shop for a mucky puddle) Not to sound stupid but what...
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    What would turn a chickens nostrils black? Photo

    I had a 24week old BO hen, she had paralysis that started in one leg and progressed, (not the classic Mareks position-one foot forward and one back), weight loss, and then yesterday I noticed her nostrils had turned black? They weren't plugged, or runny, but black on the inside, and down her...
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    Silkie walking very squat to the ground with wings hanging down.

    One thing you can look for is Cocci or Mareks, tons of threads on those, and they seem very common. One problem is we're all just guessing. I've lost a couple this year and have another sick one now. After talking to the vet it could be so many different things, but I can't spend $150 to...
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    Cross Beak On A Chick

    Not to be discouraging, but I had an EE hen with the same scissor beak condition, and it did not end well. I tried to fix it, made special mash for her, but in the end there was little I could do for her. She had a few good months and then died. After weeks of special care I just couldn't put...
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    Now what??? Hen is off balance

    These same symptoms seem to be cropping up all over the place. People are suggesting it's Mareks, I think so too. Of course chickens are tough to vet, mainly because no one sees them, so until a necropsy is done you wouldn't know for sure. I have a small flock, all bought as babies (most...
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    paralysis in 2 of my hens legs, strange signs here, help!!!

    Don't get too excited. (not to be a big downer) One of the studies I read noted that Mareks is obviously fatal, and can incubate for a long time, so when they have a "miraculous" recovery it's short lived. My BO hen seemed to recover, but my bet is in a week or two she'll die suddenly...
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    paralysis in 2 of my hens legs, strange signs here, help!!!

    I notice you said your roo was immunized but is still wasting. Did you get confirmation of Mareks? If you have it confirmed in birds over 25 weeks, there goes my hope that this will be behind me soon. Mine are all approaching 25 weeks. I've read article after article, and not Wikipedia, I'm...
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