1. DraftXJumper

    Suncast shed & homemade run

    Our coop is nearly ready! The shed was the easy part! The foundation it required took awhile, as did the run. My husband sandwiched hardware cloth between 1x4s for extra security. Still working on the run roof, chicken door, and inside of the coop. Not sure how high to put the roosting bars...
  2. M

    Metal shed turned coop

    Hi all! I'm new posting here but I'm not new to the site :) I searched here for coop ideas when we expanded our flock and needed a bigger coop. I thought I would share some pictures of what we came up with. We bought an 8'x10' metal shed from Lowe's, and built a solid wood platform for it, which...
  3. Justino

    My Coop! Figured I would share the progress of my chicken coop!
  4. The West Wing

    The West Wing

    Like everyone else on here I wanted to have chickens, my husband... not so much! So, I hired a guy to build me a coop. Problem was that I don't speak 'carpenter' and he didn't speak 'chicken-crazed-wife-lingo' so my husband had to step in anyway and interpret! But to my wonderful hubby's...
  5. Chicken Shack Progress

    Chicken Shack Progress

    We have been talking about chickens for a long time. After several months of studying everything we could get our hands on, and spending many hours on BYC we were ready this spring to become chicken moms. We bought 12 chicks April 16 from our favorite farm store, 4 Barred Rocks, 4 Buff...
  6. Lots O Cluckin

    Lots O Cluckin

    We had this building built for us, it is a 10' x 8' building and the run is a 10' x 20'....we are going to be extending it soon to a 30' x 20' the features in the building are...a 10 foot ridge vent for extra ventilation, 2 standard size windows, and a 12'' x 12'' chicken door, and then we added...
  7. Cole's Backyard Coop

    Cole's Backyard Coop

    After researching Chicken Keeping on, we decided to build an urban chicken coop and have some backyard chickens of our own in our average size urban backyard. We live in a chicken friendly area and decided to remodel an attached garden shed into a chicken coop. My DH is...
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