1. GratefulGirl

    Chicks found dead and slimy

    We have lost 2 eight week old chicks. We are guessing snakes but not sure because we just find the chick dead with slimy stuff from their head to the upper chest. Is this a snake who has tried to eat the chicks and they are too big to swallow? Their grow out house is 2 feet off the ground...
  2. Qualien

    Huge Snake problems

    I've got 4 week old chicks, and 6 week old jumbo coturnix quail (the coturnix are separated in an elevated cage covered with 1/4 " snake wire, which is not working) this past week I've pulled 5 different 6-8 ft Rat snakes out of my coop. They're decimating my eggs, they've gotten 5 of my chicks...
  3. K

    Killer snake and broody hen

    I just lost all five eggs to a snake that got into the coop and under my broody hen, she had only been sitting on the eggs for three days so I was wondering if I should put more under her. the new eggs I put under her are only 1-3 days old so I’m hoping that works. Would it be best to see if she...
  4. trudydhaugan

    Three dead hens in a month

    After years of relatively healthy birds and a safe coop and run, we have recently had three hens between 1-3 years old die unexpectedly several weeks apart. We do have a ton of brown and black widow spiders at this time of year as well as rats/mice and possibly snakes that can access the hens...
  5. TheDawg

    Reptile Lover’s Thread!!

    Any reptile lovers here!? I didn’t used to be a huge fan of them although I always thought they were cool. Anyway, I’ve recently been researching a lot and now I love them :lau Thought I would start a thread so I don’t clog up or hijack any other threads rambling about them. :lau :hide I...
  6. M

    Snake control!

    I caught the first rat snake today in bird netting! Yay! Thanks so much for this forum, where we can learn from others and care for our flocks! The bird meeting was wadded up under the nesting boxes and it took about 4 days. The rat snake is about 6ft long. We’ve lost 2 chickens it tried to eat...
  7. MomJones

    I Hate Surprises...

    Edited. For some reason I can't upload the images but it was an adult grey rat snake. They're beneficial so I don't want to kill him (although he does frustrate the hell outta me--I've seen him a few times now and never been able to catch him). So my plan is to make a snake trap using rope...
  8. ljninja

    Snakes in the coop

    due To mice being in the coop— we now have a couple very large bull snakes in the coop. The chickens seem to be afraid of them in fact I’m pretty sure one had a heart attack while running after seeing a snake outside the coop. So what if anything should I do?
  9. DuckWhisperer06

    Egg Thief

    What kind of snake is this? (Please don’t mind the 9mm bullet hole in its head, my father doesn’t like snakes :gig) It was coiled up in a nesting box and has at least 3 eggs inside of it.
  10. Ducks4life2019

    We just found a little tiny egg in the duckhouse!?!?!?

    We just found this little tiny egg in our duckhouse.....Do ducks lay little eggs? We have four females and we believe all of them have been laying......But we recently had a snake in our duckhouse as well and I know they lay eggs too! Needless to say I'm a bit spooked! :) Does anyone have any...
  11. Lyndssxo08

    Guineas and Snakes?

    Hiiiii everyone! I found a pretty big black snake in our backyard a few days ago (literally deathly terrified of snakes - I'm not going to lie LOL). Now all I can think of is trying to keep snakes from getting anywhere near our coop and run. I have been googling and asking around in regards to...
  12. DuckWhisperer06

    What kind of snake is this?

    Anybody know what kind of snake this is? It’s dark gray and has a white belly. Roughly 6-7 inches long. Our chickens have eaten three of these and seem to be fine afterwards. My only fear is if they can be bitten by such a small snake. I was able to pick it up no problem and the head is...
  13. Stargazer04

    Should i get a snake?

    Im a big cat person who also loves her fish and chickens and im thinking about getting a snake, but i dont want it to hurt any other aniamls i have, any ideas?
  14. tonim109

    worried moving my chicks outside

    My babies are almost a month old, so we moved them to the back porch buttttt in saying that we have become paranoid. We have them in a large dog kennel and wrapped in extra small holed chicken wire. But as the mess grows and they eat more...Im trying hard to move them to a cage in the yard. We...
  15. Farmer Connie

    GIANT SNAKE = bye bye egg production.

    Distress can play a major role in a dramatic decrease in egg production within your flock. A snake just being present and not necessarily eating the eggs can make your egg layers turn off their switch. RAIN, that is a reality we are dealing with at the moment. An unprecedented amount of...
  16. V

    Snake killing my hens and leaving the eggs.

    I have to had to hens about 2 years old and 6 hens about 3 months old. Only the two older hens were laying at best 2 eggs a day and they were left alone. However the firth morning I came out to check them there was only one dead looked like it had been swallowed up to the shoulders and spit out...
  17. K

    Black Racers (snakes) in the coop!

    Hi All, I just shooed away the fourth black racer this month! They are usually in the egg box with an egg or two already inside them, and they never touch the hens/vice versa. The coop is very old and no matter how much i patch it up they always find their way back in. We are building a new...
  18. veebeebee

    Rat Snake Killing my Chickens!

    I wanted to share this story about a huge yellow rat snake that killed 2 of my pullets last week so others are informed and aware that this could I had zero clue a rat snake would strangle my babies! About 4 weeks ago I found a large 5+Ft yellow rat snake in my coop. There were 2...
  19. SweetTea&Chicks

    TWO GIANT black snakes in coop

    Earlier this morning the chickens were screaming bloody murder. I walk over there anticipating the worse; two of them run to me and one is looking inside the coop. There is one chicken in the coop so I look inside. All I see is that one chicken sitting there; I don’t think much of it so I walk...
  20. FeatherstoneFrm


    My babies stayed out in the coop for the first time last night. I was nervous but all is well. Until today. I was in the run with my daughter sitting and visiting with the chicks and my daughter saw this copperhead behind me. It was outside the run but inside the garden fence. We did kill it. I...
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