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Where do your hatching eggs come from?

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Mar 18, 2018
Davisburg, Michigan

Here are the 2 sellers that I have been most impressed with out of my 4 orders of BCM.

The hatch I did in April where I got 5/8 to hatch and the hatch I attempted in July (the batch I dropped off my lap as I was putting them into the hatcher) which resulted in 0/5 hatching (but all 5 were moving around when I candled on day 18) were from juddlisa. They are out of Texas. The seller is a great communicator and the chicks that hatched are some of the tamer and sweeter ones I have hatched this year.

The batch in my incubator now that I thought I could see pretty good development in most of the 12 eggs on day 4 (basically I saw a floating speck...lol) is from imhoneygirl. This seller is very nice! Sent a personalized handwritten note in the box and has great communication via messaging. She is out of Pennsylvania.
imhoneygirl has moved 9or is in the process of moving) to Georgia. She is VERY nice and VERY knowledgable about her Marans and the background she has built them from. She shipped 23 eggs to me and 20 of them were viable and made it to lockdown! Much better than the 18 eggs I got from Omega Hills and an different eBay seller. I only had one hatch out of those. Right now I have 2 that have externally pipped on Day 19.


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Apr 11, 2017
SW Nebraska
Pretty sure USPS lost my Pita Pinta eggs (no tracking info after they reached Chattanooga on the 31st). And USPS is wanting the packaging and contents for my last 2 claims....one of those, over half the eggs were cracked, the box stunk terribly...and because I was busy with other things on the farm, didn't get to the claim for about 30 days. Yeah...not going to have that packaging or the contents. Going to call post office tomorrow and see what to do. I supplied them with lots of pictures. Stinks that they can't handle packages carefully and then they don't want to pay out on claims.


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Jan 12, 2019
I finally got around to taking some pictures of the Mottled English Orpington chicks today! I believe I have 4 Lavender Mottled and 4 Black Mottled, no Chocolate Mottled so I should definitely try again, right?! lol...in the Spring.

8-4-20 (7).JPG
8-4-20 (6).JPG


Hatch-a-Long Queen
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Sep 9, 2019
Central Virginia

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