12+ Giant Cochin hatching eggs fs FL Blue, barred, splash

Florida chick

12 Years
Jan 19, 2008

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Sorry Stacy! I am in FL so I don't count. LOL EVERYTHING is laying and setting here. Cheeping and peeping all over. Even the Peafowl are in fullswing. YIPPEE!
Oh man...my peafowl are just starting to consider laying an egg..maybe. They are still eyeballing each other right now and deciding if they feel like it this year!

Everything BUT those and my standard cochins are laying. I have guineas and pheasants even laying. We're only up in NC...but I guess it's just enough for them to not be up to the challenge.

Good luck selling the eggs. That foot feathering on the biddie pic is beautiful! Looks like some super lovely chicks you have there!!!

Thank you they will ship out this am. happy hatching.
1 MORE set of a dozen + available.
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thanks I just sent you the combined shipping discount. i will wait until lunch to ship and include any extras. Kari;)
I canceled your payment and sent you a combined to give you a shipping discount. :Dthanks

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