12 week old chicks in the snow for the first time!


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Feb 13, 2012
We had a big snowfall yesterday- typical for Memorial Day here in Klamath Falls, Oregon! Of course, it all melted by 2PM, but it was a little scary for the babies! They were so funny when I let them out of the coop for the first time! The queen of the coop, Foggy, refused to walk in that cold, wierd, white stuff! The other girls were eager to walk around the garden, so they jumped right in! It was absolutely hilarious! Foggy eventually went into the garden and was very happy that the worms all came out of the wet soil as a result of the snow. We are a little worried about winter, but they have a small heat lamp in the coop and it has been working out fine so far!
This is Foggy refusing to come out...
She's pacing back and forth...

And she finally jumped out and joined Moa (Americauna) Bo (Plymouth Barred) Rhody (RRI) and Squirt (Light Brahma)

They walked around for a while...

And ended up under the tree, hunting for bugs.
Silly girls!
Wow, snow this time of year?? Thanks for sharing with us!

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