2010 breeding plan..Will need input

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    It looks like I may be busy in 2010. I will need to get a
    "real" incubator and/or some broodies. I have araucana/ee crosses
    with interesting features. They can be seen under "pictures & stories."
    A RBB rumpless with muffs & beard. A tailed fellow with a tuft on his
    neck/chest area. A right sided tuft & a left sided muff.

    I have 2 tailed clean faced araucana. A black & a white. I have 3 clean faced rumpless araucana. 2 blue, 1 mottled black. I had photos but it looks like they were deleted from the SD card without being downloaded into the computer. 4 A.M. is not the time to go take pictures. I also have one true black ameraucana.

    I plan to buy chicks and/or hatching eggs next spring/summer. I will be looking for ideas & guidence as I know nothing about genetics. I am looking forward to a fun learning experience and a lot of input from
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