2017 Gosling Hatch a long!!

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  1. 2017 is here and for some hatching/incubation has already started, for others it's just around the corner. So might as well get our traditional thread started for the year!
    Can't wait to see everyone's new babies whether they might be purebred or crosses.
    I wish everyone the best of luck with their hatches and their goslings! So Let's get Cracking & May all of your eggs be fertile!!
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  2. Pyxis

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    I'm impatiently waiting for my Tufted Romans to start laying. I'm actually probably going to build a new nest box for them today in a style I've been wanting to try out. If Lacie follows her patterns from previous years, I should have eggs within the next month to month and a half. This is the first year they will actually be fertile, so I'm pretty excited to get incubating. Hopefully Jasmine contributes some eggs too. This would be her first egg laying season.
  3. I have 9 altogether. I cross breed Tufted romans with Chinese geese. I'm still undecided on hatching goslings this year, I usually end up hatching some I'm always undecided at this time of year. I'm trying to rehome a trio and a pair and plan on keeping just 4 geese, My main Tufted Roman female, 2 pied crosses and one that has saddleback markings.
    I still like seeing everyone's new hatchlings so that's why I made this thread for this year. More than likely I will have 3 or 4 goslings & only hatch more if I get people wanting some. I'm focusing on much smaller things to raise this year instead, budgies and hamsters lol
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    Oct 9, 2011
    This is my second year with geese and some of my geese are laying very early this year. The eggs are getting frozen and cracking so obviously they can't hatch them. But it won't warm up enough to keep them unfrozen (even in the coop) for a few weeks. Can I just keep taking the eggs until then or will they stop laying if I keep taking them for too long?
  5. You can keep taking the eggs, they will keep laying. If they are kept up all of the time then they will keep laying in the nest but if they are let loose then they may find another place to lay and hide them from you, regardless they will keep laying for sure.
    Is there a way that you could put a heat lamp in the coop with them? That would help keep them from freezing.
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    Jan 8, 2017
    Hi.. I'm new here and just got a pair of Toulouse geese. They were my nieces. Because I live in the snow belt of Western NY, they haven't been able to get outside much this time of year. Their pen, I fear, is a little to small for them. They previously lived in a teepee with heat lamps which I don't use because of heated water sources for them and my chickens. I use coarse saw dust on the floor. Makes it easier to clean up dropping and a raised platform full of straw to sleep on. Their pen is approximately 11X5. Is there a rule of thumb on how much inside space they should have per bird? I do let them roam free while taking care of my chickens and Lady Amherst pheasants. They can go outside but our snow load here in the winter is several feet. I want to make sure they'll be happy so they'll breed this spring.
  7. Miss Lydia

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    In the Book of Geese by Dave Holderread he rec.min. 7-10 square' of floor space per bird for over night housing. out side run is rec at min of 25-50square' of per bird and if not turned out during the day 100 or more square '

    I have a Toulouse female and love her to bits. Please post pics when you can, heat is not necessary as long as they can get out of wind and rain sleet or snow.

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  8. hello Lydia! How's Sammy?
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  9. Miss Lydia

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    Hi 8 Sam is doing great. Still follows Missy around like a puppy. He'll be 10 yrs old this April gosh hard to believe.

    How are all of yours doing. Including your youngest lil duckling [​IMG]
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    I got my geese last spring so this is the first year I'll get eggs. What kind of nest do they require? I do have a shelter made for them out of straw, open at the front and filled with straw. Since they won't sleep in it, preferring to brave the Montana elements, will this do for nesting? Do I need to add something in the shelter for a nest? Was thinking I could make a box out of wood that I fill with straw. I wonder if they will even use the shelter for nesting as they have ignored it so far. I do have my entire area surrounded by electric poultry netting to keep out the neighborhood fox.

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