3 day old baby chick acting weird


6 Years
Feb 15, 2018
North Carolina
I hatched out my own chickens and yesterday my little roo started acting weird. He isn't eating much and he tends to just stay under the heating lamp and sleeping. When you hold him, he peeps a bit and then sleeps. Within seconds he'll fall asleep. I hand fed him today and he's very talkative at the moment but he mainly just wants to stay under the heat and sleep. His sister is wide open, eats a lot and does sleep but nowhere near as much as he does. He looks okay in size, his feathers are growing and he doesn't look sick. Just sleeping a lot.

Should I be worried?

I have them on starter chick feed with the meds and vitamins.
He may be a late bloomer and is taking longer to develop a higher level of energy. Or he just likes naps, like me :confused:
I would keep an eye on him and let us know if he starts to show more concerning behavior.

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