3 day old baby chick, neurological problems now won't eat unless I feed it.


9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
My Russian Orloff is the only one that hatched out of the bunch. She had some problems and had to be syringe fed. Pedialyte, poly vi sol and crumbles. Then we moved to wet mush stuck on a lid vertically in front of her face and now she is finally able to eat with it laying down. But she will not touch her food unless I'm right there and put it in front of her face and then set it down. But she is for the first time since she hatched having a full crop. I can't find anyone local with chicks young enough for her and no one with a broody. So she is incredibly clingy and no peers to learn from. Is it a habit thing or something wrong with her that she won't eat on her own? Or drink for that matter.

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