3 day old chicks with white dust on their backs


8 Years
Apr 3, 2013
Shorewood Hills, Wisconsin
I just picked up 8 3 day old chicks. They are Americaunas with darker feathers. Several, maybe all seem to have little white powdery stuff on thier backs. They are pecking under their wings, which are just coming in, and they are pecking at each other. one seems to pecking another around the eye.

I can't tell if the powdery white dots are just from the dust in the container, I have some shavings in the bottom, or if they have mites. I know that there is a pecking order thing that happens, but it seems that they are all fluffing up their feathers and pecking under them and each other.

Am I just being an old mother hen, or is there a problem. I bought 8 chicks from someone who ordered 25 from McMurray and I bought 8.

Any thoughts?
At 3 days old chicks peck at most things because they are hungry and figuring out what's edible, try to encourage them to eat by tapping at the chick starter food
Could you post a picture?
Wood chip dust maybe
that's what i am hoping. Is it normal for them to fluff up their feathers and pick under their wings at this age. I had some hens several years ago that had mites. I didn't realize it until I went to clean the coop and came running out with things running up and down my body. then i realized . that the hens were fluffing and pecking

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