4 Chocolate & Lilac/Blue-fawn Muscovies

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  1. Bleenie

    Bleenie Wyan-DO's

    Is anyone interested in my Chocolate Hens & Lilac/Fawn-Blue Drake?

    Because of wind storms and a HUGE, OLD tree right next to their pen, I have had to move them back in with the chickens. It's just WAY too overcrowded with all of them in there. I have decided to keep my blues & 2 of my oldest Lilac/Fawn-Blue hens.

    I have looked for a home locally for them but had no luck, Just one lady that can't pick them up for a long time & i think doesn't want to pay for them.

    I am asking $100 for the 'set', that's 1 Drake & 3 Hens.

    They just need a good home & i am willing to ship if you make all the arrangements & pay for shipping.

    All Birds are Unrelated, Ages 5-6mo old.

    The available birds are Murphy, Teddy, Mocha & Dixie. Most pictures are labeled.
    Here is an Album Link:


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