4 left in incubator and found 1 pipped


In the Brooder
Sep 22, 2019
I had 3 hatch Sunday and since this was a staggered hatch I "thought" I had a few days for the remaining 4 eggs. Anyway after I successfully moved the 3 newbie chicks to ther small brooder with the 4 born on the 27th, I went back to move the eggs into a better area in the incubator and try and candle them. The last one I touched had pipped. I immediately put it back in and watched carefully to get the humidity back in the right range. This morning the home was a little bigger but not significantly. Should I put some coconut oil around the edge to be sure it isn't/ hasn't gotten stuck. We had once on the 27th that almost got sealed in and we had to give it some help along the way (called Miracle) to get it out after it started screaming. Anyway, I just want tti help the best I can.


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