4 Sebastopol Goose Eggs


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Jan 18, 2008
Newman Lake, WA
My geese have started lay and I already have some eggs in the incubator. As soon as I have fertility checked, the eggs will be collected and shipped. This could be as early as next Monday.

My geese are all white and birds in my flock are shown.

This girl in front is the one of the two that are currently laying. She won Reserve Waterfowl last October in Great Falls, MT and her mother won Reserve of Show the year before.

Just wanted to make a note on the auction, the pictures of the geese are from last summer and they were juveniles. They have filled out now and are much prettier.
I can attest to the quality of her birds. At the show she did so well at there were some very good call breeders with nice birds, and a large class (over 20) of sebastopols.

They are definitely rounder now. Jean, where are your fall pictures? They looked fantastic this fall.
We have fertility. The first egg from the two girls that are laying were infertile, but all the ones I have set since are developing!!!! Little Goobies......

I always wanted some of these !

Why does the bator have to be full

Beautiful Geese you have there
There will be more. I can't believe I have four eggs developing already. I think I was wrong about one of the eggs, I only have one not developing now. I will check them again on Monday to see if it needs to be removed.

I'm already talking to them!
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