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    Mar 3, 2015
    My son is interested in doing a chicken project for 4H. Has anyone done one? He wants to show a Buff Orpington. We have one but we got her as adult so she's not as friendly as they like so I was going to get a couple chicks but I know I would need to do that NOW to give her a chance to reach adult plumage.

    Speaking of, when does that happen? I'm finding that a lot of the hatcheries are sold out until May to be shipped. I can drive to Meyer in Polk (I'm a little over an hour away) to pick them up next week and wouldn't have to pay shipping charges. Then I could pick up a few more chicks that I want (Polish, Australorp, Barred Rock).

    Decisions decisions!!!
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    I show many many birds in my 4H, at my local county fair. I love it! I would encourage you to talk to the leader of his 4H club to learn more about it. Your leader may be able to get you in contact of the group of people who may run and organize the poultry section of your fair or wherever your son may be showing at. I have never done showmanship, but its basically describing the anatomy of the bird and doing and answering whatever the judge may ask you. Its a great way to become more involved. We buy baby chicks each year in the spring months, raise them up, and show them. Of course most people don't know that the birds will need a health form that proves that they aren't carrying any diseases or viruses. Usually that is why we buy and show the pullets and cockerels who completely feather out after about maybe about 6-8 weeks depending on their development and breeds. In order to show an adult breed we have to have them tested at our local state extension office during the summer. Its an event that they hold for poultry testing. Get in touch with your local extension office and your 4H leader and get started from there!
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    I have done 4H showing for many years, in fact I just graduated out of it this year. I agree with what kaylabeans28 is saying for the testing and picking out of chicks. As for showmanship, I have done it all 5 years I showed chickens (I was in 4-H for 12 years, but only had chickens since 2010). It is judging anatomy, and depending on the judges, some ask you questions about other birds (I was asked this past year for example what is a Squab, Poult, Duckling etc), and Parts of a feather, know your combs. And if in doubt, just pick a bird that he is good friends with and knows a lot about to show, and just basically tell the judge everything he knows about his birds. Its a wonderful experience. My 5 years in the poultry project were capped off this past year by winning my showmanship class. A bird that is easier to handle, perhaps smaller, is a lot better in showmanship. Some judges will ask you to put your bird into a cage, take it out again and hand it to them. Always put the bird in, take it out, and hand it off, head first. A chicken likes to see where its going. And some judges will try to hand a bird back to you backwards.. Don't fall for it. correct them, its a test. But in all, if its his first year I'm assuming he's just out of clover bud age, so at taht point it's really just about having fun and learning. Get ready for a wonderful ride, and best of luck at the fairs. This is my first year without it, so I'll see how it goes for me. Lol.

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