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    Mar 21, 2008
    First time raiseing chicks ... im thanking it got droped from like 1 to 2 ft ... and its leg is hurt.. it just sits there or lays... no visual signs but it wont move good... wont eat ... will drink water... i have it in a box byself... are they anything i can do for it no clue what i need to do ..

    Really thanking its like a broke leg.. I SO DONT WANT IT TO DIE ... Any sugestions helpfull..

    Called the hatchery told me to put antibotic in water .. which i have done for it .. were helping it eat and drink water now.. which if i have to do that till its heals i will... please help someone..

    Right now we can stick our hand under its foot.. and it will eat on its on and drink .. but when we move our hand it just falls back over... so im diffently thanking leg hurt for sure
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  2. DuckLady

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    Are you sure it is broken? If it is sore, you are doing the right thing in keeping it separated.
    Good luck!

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