5 month old Salmon Faverol is sick


5 Years
Sep 21, 2014

Our girl is sick. She is not displaying wing droop. She has not layed her first egg yet. She is standing in one place doing nothing. She isn't talking at all.
They all eat grower and occasionally get organic treats.

She also pooped a clear liquid discharge after I notice she was ill. No other symptoms.

My first response was to beak feed her a double dose of ampril and continue for one day then follow ampril instructions for treating.

But I am not sure she has coccidiosis.


Welcome to BYC. Is it very hot where you live? I would tend to agree that treating her for coccidiosis with Amprol or Corid would be a good thing to do. That will do no harm, and may save her life. After your amprol treatment is finished, give her several days of vitamins and probiotics. Then I would worm her (if you haven't done so recently) with a good broad spectrum wormer such as Valbazen, SafeGuard Goat wormer (fenbendazole,) or if you are outside of the US, Flubenvet or levamisole. Also, check her skin closely for evidence of lice or mites.
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