8 week old call ducklings - pet quality

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    I have four pet-quality call (miniature) ducklings for sale. There are three that will be white (some with black spots) and one that will be mallard-colored. These guys are offspring of my own ducks and have been raised mostly by their mother but have been handled and are people-friendly. They will do anything for thawed green peas! There are definitely two females (both white ducklings with black spots are female) and definitely one male (the brown one) but the last all-white duckling's gender is still unknown. I suspect it is male. They are six weeks old this weekend and will be ready to go in two weeks. I will only adopt them to a good home that can provide a guarantee that they will be closed in a secure coop at night and well-cared for during the day, as these ducks are so small that hawks and other predators can easily kill them. Call ducks as a breed are friendly, outgoing, and full of character. They achieve an adult weight of 2 pounds or so. The hens are fairly noisy and will chatter at you if you talk to them. My preference will be to sell them in a group, but I will also consider selling them in pairs. They are very bonded to each other. The price is $30 per pair. Please email me to discuss them. I have lots more photos available, as well. Local sales only, please, unless you want to drive here to get them. I will not ship these guys. It'll be hard to see them go--they're so cute! Location: Cortland NY.

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