A baby chick (2 weeks old) just threw up a dark brown liquid.


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Jun 26, 2012
I have 5 new baby chicks. One is smaller than the others but holds it's own when eating and drinking. I saw dark brown liquidy stuff about 1 hour ago but thought it was stool. Just now when I checked on them I noticed that her beak had something brown on it. Right after I noticed it, she threw up. These are my first baby chicks since I was a child. I bought these.

What to do? Thanks Pat p.s. If you can, please reply tonight as I am afraid she will get worse during the night.
Sounds like she is eating her self sick, I have a brother like that ...

Ok You did not mention the type of feed you are using of if you were putting anything into their water supply ...

Here feed your chicks a hard boiled egg just remove the shell and mash up real good and serve ...

How many chicks total do you have ?????
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I have 5 chicks. I have the medicated food and the electrolytes in the water. She is a moderate eater and drinks quite a bit of water. She is perky but every so often, the liquid gushes out of her mouth. I'll do the hard-egg now.

Thank you for your reply. Pat

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