a blog about my girls

Your blog is GREAT! I love the photos of your girls and your story telling is wonderful!

I marked in my favorites so I can keep up!

Thanks for sharing!
Chickaroos and Kathyinmo --
I just looked at your BYC pages --- Your coops and chooks are beeeyootiful!
Thank you! Oh, my ..... those pages are old and I really need to update them!

So, you are an illustrator .... beautiful! I look forward to more of your stories and great work! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Please say you are gonna make your blog into book form? I would love a book like that!
Thanks 'Little White - Lauren" LOL....my page is out-dated considering I have OCD (obsessive CHICKEN disorder).

We had to remodel the coop since I only wanted a few chickens

Kathy is so right....a BOOK! What a great idea! You have the ability, skills and the love for chickens - go for it!
Little White, your blog is just wonderful!!! I laughed and laughed at the illustration of poor Lucy with the exploding egg. Such a sweet story too; your writing and illustrations are terrific. You must also be great at catching the girls in the midst of interesting behavior with photos! Love the way Hatsy just can't stay away from Lucy and the eggs. I've never tried to subscribe to a blog, so I hope I followed the right steps because I don't want to miss ANY of your posts!! As you can tell from my avatar, I am just slightly crazy about Barred Rocks, so Lucy got my immediate allegiance! I can't wait to see her with the baby chick. I hope her health is going to improve.
I read the whole story!!!! Loved the photos combined with drawings, very well written to hold the readers interest too! Lucy brooding while Hatsy "stalks" her was my favorite part... I've saved your blog so I can check back in with your girls and see how the saga develops.....Well done!!!

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