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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by skeeter9, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. skeeter9

    skeeter9 Songster

    My husband and I went away to the coast for the weekend to celebrate our 23rd anniversary. We were snooping aroung in one of those touristy shops and I spotted a little plaque thingy that read "Raising children is like being pecked to death by a chicken." I got the giggles ( because I could definitely identify!!!) and my husband just shook his head and told me that I really do have an addiction problem!!!!

  2. justusnak

    justusnak Flock Mistress

    Feb 28, 2007
    South Eastern Indiana
    LOL...that made ME giggle...errr, um...cute sign...im NOT addicted!! LOL
    Did you buy it!?? I would have.
  3. SpottedCrow

    SpottedCrow Flock Goddess

    I saw that as a bumper sticker once upon a time...I too can identify with it.
  4. skeeter9

    skeeter9 Songster

    No, I didn't buy it - it was way too expensive. maybe I'll try to make one myself. Of course, if it comes out looking like my coops, I wouldn't want it in my house!!!! LOL!!!


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