A horrible thing happened tonight, need help


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I've had chickens for about 11 years now, but I'm getting old and wanted to automate the door. I got it working in testing, so I set it this morning and forgot to be home in time to be sure nothing bad happened, and it did. One of my hens got squished. I'm beyond horrified. She likes to sit in the door, and I thought, since the door comes down super slowly, she'd get the message (it's SUPER SLOW!!!) but no, I got home to a grizzly scene. I've disengaged the door now, and am thinking of getting one of these string dropped doors. Does anyone know if Self Locking Chicken Coop Door would squish a hen? Or would a hen just have it lay on her until she gets out of the way?


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I made it myself with a linear actuator and plywood. I think she was already asleep and didn't wake up or know what was happening. Yes, she died :(

I'd love to know if these other types of doors are safe in such situations?
I'm so sorry!

Yes, I think generally speaking they would be safe in that way. We have some diy openers that don't stop, but the door is very lightweight and closes by gravity, not with any force. I believe most of the commercial doors either stop or are gravity based as well.
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I like the chicken guard too but have been through 2 already. First one lasted about 3 years but the other only about a year and a half. If I knew anything about motors, I may be able to fix it. It may be because a wind gust caught the door and whipped it around. Probably bad for the little motor. Haven't gotten a new auto door yet.

I will add that I use a piece of plexi glass as my coop door. If you get a thicker piece, it's really tough but still light weight. Bonus is it lets more light in on those nasty winter days when I leave everyone locked in.

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