A match made in the coop!!!!

guin lover

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10 Years
Jun 24, 2009
i have a small a-frame for my pair of standard OEGs for breeding, but yesterday ago, my dumb dog broke in and killed the hen. i dont know HOW the roo survived, but he went to the infirmary coop but he was really nervous and flighty and obviously wanted company. so i had no choice but to put him in with my 4 female guineas...

but guess what?!? i cheacked on 'em this morning, and they were all roosting with each other!! and when i picked up the roo and put him outside, they all started distressing, buck wheating and running around. when i put him back in, they were all quiet again and socializing with th roo... it was soooo cute!!

when i pick up a guinea, my roo attacks me.... it's real cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll post pics later!
sorry about your loss, once a dog killed 52 of our chickens at once, half chicks, half adults

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